The dynamic performance of identity work

Corlett, Sandra["lib/metafield:join_name" not defined]McInnes, Peter (2012) The dynamic performance of identity work. In: 10th International Conference on Organizational Discourse : processes, practices and performance, 18 - 20 July 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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As a phenomenon socially constructed and performed through relationships (Ainsworth and Hardy, 2004, Cunliffe, 2008, Beech, 2008), self-identity is inextricably dependent on interpersonal interactions and social contexts (Kondo, 1990, Kondrat, 1999, Ybema et al., 2009). Thus “selves and identities are ‘performed within relationships’, ‘done in interactions’ and/or ‘talked into being’” (Smith and Sparkes, 2008, p.25). As this suggests, identity is performative (Butler, 1990, Smith and Sparkes, 2008) and, therefore, identity work becomes an important feature of the way in which individuals strive to enact, and become, their identity (Kärreman and Alvesson, 2001, Down and Reveley, 2009)

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