University Deposit Policy for Northumbria Research Link

Northumbria University requires academic staff to deposit details of their published research in Northumbria Research Link (NRL). Deposit of an electronic copy of the publication / output is also encouraged.

The University Library will check copyright permissions with the authors and publishers and make full text available where permitted. The library recommends deposit of the author’s final, pre-publication version of research in print formats. Multimedia files may be deposited for non-print formats.

Northumbria University recognises its research activities and outputs as key assets and has created Northumbria Research Link, an open access repository, for all of its published / public research material.


The key objectives of Northumbria Research Link are:

In order to meet these objectives it is important that the repository contains as complete a record as possible of all published / public research outputs. Failure to deposit work in NRL may preclude such work from inclusion in research assessments or other University systems and submissions.


Further information may be obtained from:

Policies: NRL Policies | NRL University Deposit Policy | NRL Deposit Licence