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Waehning, Nadine, Bosworth, Gary, Cabras, Ignazio, Shakina, Ekaterina and Sohns, Franziska (2023) Resilient SMEs and entrepreneurs: evidence from the UK craft brewing sector. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 29 (3). pp. 665-686. ISSN 1355-2554

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Book Section

Cabras, Ignazio and Ellison, Katie (2018) Craft beers and beer festivals: Exploring the potential for local economies and gastro-tourism in the UK. In: Gastronomy and Local Development: The Quality of Products, Places and Experiences. Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 193-213.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Goumagias, Nikolaos, Fernandes, Kiran, Cabras, Ignazio, Li, Feng, Shao, Jianhua, Devlin, Sam, Hodge, Victoria, Cowling, Peter and Kudenko, Daniel (2016) A Conceptual Framework of Business Model Emerging Resilience. In: 32nd EGOS Colloquium, 7th - 9th July 2016, Naples, Italy.

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Cabras, Ignazio (2015) The Capitals of Ales: how microbreweries are revitalising cities and local economies in the UK. In: Beeronomics 2015, 8 - 9 September 2015, Seattle.

Cabras, Ignazio (2015) The decline of services in rural England and its impact on local communities. In: Regional Studies Association International Conference, 24 - 27 May 2015, Piacenza.

Goumagias, Nikolaos, Devlin, Sam, Nucciareli, Alberto, Cabras, Ignazio, Jude, Kiran, Li, Feng, Kudenko, Daniel and Cowling, Peter (2014) The Evolution of Organisational Forms in the Digital Games Industry. In: DE 2014 Fifth Annual Digital Economy All Hands meeting, 3-5 December 2014, London.

Milewski, Simon, Fernandes, Kiran and Cabras, Ignazio (2014) Exploring open process innovation in large manufacturing firms: Framework development and empirical investigation. In: 21st EurOMA Conference, 20 - 25 June 2014, Palermo.

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