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Bartneck, Christoph, Hu, Jun, Salem Bernard, Ben, Cristescu, Razvan and Rauterberg, Matthias (2008) Applying Virtual and Augmented Reality in Cultural Computing. The International Journal of Virtual Reality, 7 (2). pp. 11-18. ISSN 1081-1451

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Lievesley, Matthew (2008) Solar Thermal Trolley. [Artefact]

Light, Ann (2008) Transports of delight? What the experience of receiving (mobile) phone calls can tell us about design. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 12 (5). pp. 391-400. ISSN 1617-4909

Ling, Wessie (2008) The Fashion Week contest and its dialectics. In: The 6th International Conference of Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS), 24-28 October 2008, Osaka, Japan.

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Ogilvie, Sara (2008) My mother is a troll. [Artefact]

Ogilvie, Sara (2008) Tobacciana series. [Artefact]


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