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Abrahams, Peter, Entwistle, Jane and Dodgshon, Robert (2010) The Ben Lawers Historic Landscape Project: simultaneous multi-element analysis of former settlement and arable soils by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, 17 (3). pp. 231-248. ISSN 1072-5369

Ayres, Catherine Selkirk (2022) Small Finds: using poetry as an archaeological process to link the lived experience of modern women with that of women living in the forts on Hadrian’s Wall at the time of Roman occupation. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.


Baldassarri, M., Andreazzoli, F., Parodi, L., Pesce, Giovanni and Sicios, M. (2005) Per tor via la speranza a chi si fosse di poterli riavere: techniche di abbattimento e di demolizione delle strutture fortificate medievali : primo bilancio delle fonti scritte, iconografiche e archeologiche. Archeologia Medievale, 32. pp. 295-297. ISSN 0390-0592

Batirbaygil, Harun, Alves, Susana, Baser, Bahar and Torun, Ayse Ozbil (2013) Integrated Approach to Museology: Proposal for a Route Linking Archaeological Sites in Çanakkale, Turkey. In: Le Vie dei Mercanti XI Forum Internazionale di Studi, 13th - 15th June 2013, Aversa & Capri, Italy.

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Bowen, Sian (2010) Wrapped stone drawings. [Show/Exhibition]


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Pesce, Giovanni (2019) Radiocarbon dating of lime lumps: current and future challenges. In: Archeologia dell’Architettura, XXIV, 2019 – La datazione delle malte in architettura tra archeologia e archeometria. Archeologia dell’Architettura (24). All’Insegna del Giglio s.a.s., Florence, pp. 19-26. ISBN 9788878149236, 9788878149243

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Price, Jon (2008) The Devonshire held this trench, they hold it still: cultural landscapes of sacrifice and the problem of the sacred ground of the great war 1914-1918. In: Landscapes of clearance : archaeological and anthropological perspectives. One World Archaeology Series . Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, pp. 180-189. ISBN 978-1598742664

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Salzmann, Ulrich (1999) Zur holozänen Vegetations- und Klimaentwicklung der westafrikanischen Savannen: paläoökologische Untersuchungen in der Sahel- und Sudanzone NO-Nigerias. Berichte des SFB 268, 13 . Universitaet Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main. ISBN 9783980612920


Vecchiattini, Rita, Lindroos, Alf, Pesce, Giovanni, Ringbom, Asa, Lancaster, Lynne and Heinemeier, Jan (2016) Optimisation of the radiocarbon dating process of mortar samples. A case study in the Colosseum, Rome (Italy). In: 8th International Symposium on 14C & Archaeology, 27th June - 1st July 2016, Edinburgh, UK.

Vecchiattini, Rita, Pesce, Giovanni, Quarta, Gianluca and Calcagnile, Lucio (2013) Sampling problems in the radiocarbon dating of old mortars and plasters with the “pure lime lumps” technique. In: Built Heritage 2013: Monitoring Conservation Management, 18th-20th November 2013, Milan.


Wadsworth, Caroline, Procopio, Noemi, Anderung, Cecilia, Carretero, José-Miguel, Iriarte, Eneko, Valdiosera, Cristina, Elburg, Rengert, Penkman, Kirsty and Buckley, Michael (2017) Comparing ancient DNA survival and proteome content in 69 archaeological cattle tooth and bone samples from multiple European sites. Journal of Proteomics, 158. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1874-3919

Ward, Kate, Crow, James and Crapper, Martin (2017) Water supply infrastructure of Byzantine Constantinople. Journal of Roman Archaeology, 30. pp. 175-195. ISSN 1063-4304

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