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Fusco, Maria (2018) ECZEMA! - vinyl record and publication. [Composition]


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Sewell, Trevor (2013) Bridge Of Spies (Instrumental). [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2014) Calling Me Home. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2017) Calling Nashville: An Americana Adventure. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2014) Face To Face. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2014) Fade To Grey. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2015) Hollow. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2014) Home Alone. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2014) How Does That Work. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2014) How to succeed in the Music Industry. In: Hottest New Artist. FriesenPress, Canada, pp. 47-49. ISBN 978-1460223499

Sewell, Trevor (2014) Hundred Years. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2013) Independence. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2012) It's the music business Jim - but not as we know it. In: Northumbria Research Conference, 16-17 May 2012, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Sewell, Trevor (2014) Live Performance at The Indie Music Channel Awards 2014 Whisky a Go Go Hollywood. [Performance]

Sewell, Trevor (2014) Living The Dream (We're Going To Rio). [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2012) Surf, Spies and Film Noir. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2019) The Train (Live). [Performance]

Sewell, Trevor (2013) The Train. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor (2014) Where The Wild Ones Go. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor and Ian, Janis (2017) Fade To Grey: Extended Version. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor and Ian, Janis (2017) Fade To Grey: Radio Mix. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor and Nickerson, Brooke (2013) Take These Chains - Brooke Nickerson Gotham Records. [Composition]

Sewell, Trevor and O Halloran, William (2014) Hate Me For A Reason. [Composition]

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