The semantics of jitter in anticipating time itself within nano-technology

Heather, Michael, Rossiter, Nick and Sisiaridis, Dimitris (2008) The semantics of jitter in anticipating time itself within nano-technology. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1051 (326). ISSN 0094-243X

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The development of nano-technology calls for a careful examination of anticipatory systems at this small scale. For the characteristics of time at the boundary between classical and quantum domains are quite critical for the advancement of the new technology. It has long been well recognised that time is not absolute even in classical subjects like navigation and dynamics where idealised concepts like mean solar time, International Atomic Time and Newton’s dynamical time have had to be used. Time is the data of the Universe and belongs in the semantics of its extensional form. At the boundary between classical and quantum behaviour the uncertainty of time data becomes a significant effect and this is why it is of great importance in nanotechnology, in areas such as the interoperability of different time domains in hardware, where noise in the form of jitter causes a system to behave in an unpredictable fashion, a severe and expensive problem for anticipating how time is to be handled. A fundamental difficulty is that jitter is represented using numbers, giving rise to undecidability and incompleteness according to Gödel’s theorems. To escape the clutches of Gödel undecidability it is necessary to advance to cartesian closed categories beyond the category of sets to represent the relationship between different times as adjoint endofunctors in monad and comonad constructions.

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