Comparison of Different Modes of Morning Priming Exercise on Afternoon Performance

Russell, Mark, King, A., Bracken, Richard, Cook, Christian, Giroud, Tibault and Kilduff, Liam (2016) Comparison of Different Modes of Morning Priming Exercise on Afternoon Performance. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 11 (6). pp. 763-767. ISSN 1555-0265

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Purpose - To assess the effects of different modes of morning (AM) exercise on afternoon (PM) performance and salivary hormone responses in professional Rugby Union players.

Methods - On four occasions (randomised, crossover design), fifteen professional rugby players provided AM (~08:00h) and PM (~14:00h) saliva samples before PM assessments of countermovement jump height, reaction time and repeated sprint ability. Control (passive rest), Weights (bench press: 5 x 10 repetitions, 75% one repetition-maximum, 90 s intra-set recovery), Cycling (6 x 6 s maximal sprint cycling, 7.5% body mass load, 54 s intra-set recovery) and Running (6 x 40 m maximal sprints, 20 s intra-set recovery) interventions preceded (~5h earlier) PM testing.

Results - PM sprint performance improved (P<0.05) after Weights (>0.15 ± 0.19 s, >2.04 ± 2.46%) and Running (>0.15 ± 0.17 s, >2.12 ± 2.22%), but not Cycling (P>0.05). PM jump height increased following Cycling (0.012 ± 0.009 m, 2.31 ± 1.76%, P<0.001) and Running (0.020 ± 0.009 m, 3.90 ± 1.79%, P<0.001), but not Weights (P=0.936). Reaction time remained unchanged between trials (P=0.379). Relative to Control (131 ± 21 pg·ml-1), PM testosterone was greater in Weights (+21 ± 23 pg·ml-1, +17 ± 18%, P=0.002) and Running (+28 ± 26·pg·ml-1, +22 ± 20%, P=0.001), but not Cycling (P=0.072). Salivary cortisol was unaffected by AM exercise (P=0.540).

Conclusions - All modes of AM exercise improved at least one marker of PM performance but Running appeared the most beneficial to professional Rugby Union players. A rationale therefore exists for preceding PM competition with AM exercise.

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