Determination of the Physical Properties of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Using a Love Wave Device

Ouali, Fouzia, Doy, Nicola, McHale, Glen, Hardacre, Christopher, Ge, Rile, Allen, Ray, MacInnes, Jordan and Newton, Michael (2011) Determination of the Physical Properties of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Using a Love Wave Device. Analytical Chemistry, 83 (17). pp. 6717-6721. ISSN 0003-2700

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In this work, we have shown that a 100 MHz Love wave device can be used to determine whether room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) are Newtonian fluids and have developed a technique that allows the determination of the density–viscosity product, ρη, of a Newtonian RTIL. In addition, a test for a Newtonian response was established by relating the phase change to insertion loss change. Five concentrations of a water-miscible RTIL and seven pure RTILs were measured. The changes in phase and insertion loss were found to vary linearly with the square root of the density–viscosity product for values up to (ρη)1/2 10 kg m–2 s–1/2. The square root of the density–viscosity product was deduced from the changes in either phase or insertion loss using glycerol as a calibration liquid. In both cases, the deduced values of ρη agree well with those measured using viscosity and density meters. Miniaturization of the device, beyond that achievable with the lower-frequency quartz crystal microbalance approach, to measure smaller volumes is possible. The ability to fabricate Love wave and other surface acoustic wave sensors using planar metallization technologies gives potential for future integration into lab-on-a-chip analytical systems for characterizing ionic liquids.

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Subjects: F100 Chemistry
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