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Keogh, Alison, Alcock, Lisa, Brown, Philip, Buckley, Ellen, Brozgol, Marina, Gazit, Eran, Hansen, Clint, Scott, Kirsty, Schwickert, Lars, Becker, Clemens, Hausdorff, Jeffrey M., Maetzler, Walter, Rochester, Lynn, Sharrack, Basil, Vogiatzis, Ioannis, Yarnall, Alison, Mazzà, Claudia and Caulfield, Brian (2023) Acceptability of wearable devices for measuring mobility remotely: Observations from the Mobilise-D technical validation study. Digital Health, 9. p. 205520762211507. ISSN 2055-2076

Scott, Kirsty, Bonci, Tecla, Salis, Francesca, Alcock, Lisa, Buckley, Ellen, Gazit, Eran, Hansen, Clint, Schwickert, Lars, Aminian, Kamiar, Bertuletti, Stefano, Caruso, Marco, Chiari, Lorenzo, Sharrack, Basil, Maetzler, Walter, Becker, Clemens, Hausdorff, Jeffrey M., Vogiatzis, Ioannis, Brown, Philip, Del Din, Silvia, Eskofier, Björn, Paraschiv-Ionescu, Anisoara, Keogh, Alison, Kirk, Cameron, Kluge, Felix, Micó-Amigo, Encarna M., Mueller, Arne, Neatrour, Isabel, Niessen, Martijn, Palmerini, Luca, Sillen, Henrik, Singleton, David, Ullrich, Martin, Vereijken, Beatrix, Froehlich, Marcel, Brittain, Gavin, Caulfield, Brian, Koch, Sarah, Carsin, Anne-Elie, Garcia-Aymerich, Judith, Kuederle, Arne, Yarnall, Alison, Rochester, Lynn, Cereatti, Andrea and Mazzà, Claudia (2022) Design and validation of a multi-task, multi-context protocol for real-world gait simulation. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 19 (1). p. 141. ISSN 1743-0003

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Bonci, Tecla, Salis, Francesca, Scott, Kirsty, Alcock, Lisa, Becker, Clemens, Bertuletti, Stefano, Buckley, Ellen, Caruso, Marco, Cereatti, Andrea, Del Din, Silvia, Gazit, Eran, Hansen, Clint, Hausdorff, Jeffrey M., Maetzler, Walter, Palmerini, Luca, Rochester, Lynn, Schwickert, Lars, Sharrack, Basil, Vogiatzis, Ioannis and Mazzà, Claudia (2022) An Algorithm for Accurate Marker-Based Gait Event Detection in Healthy and Pathological Populations During Complex Motor Tasks. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 10. p. 868928. ISSN 2296-4185

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Mazzà, Claudia, Alcock, Lisa, Aminian, Kamiar, Becker, Clemens, Bertuletti, Stefano, Bonci, Tecla, Brown, Philip, Brozgol, Marina, Buckley, Ellen, Carsin, Anne-Elie, Caruso, Marco, Caulfield, Brian, Cereatti, Andrea, Chiari, Lorenzo, Chynkiamis, Nikolaos, Ciravegna, Fabio, Del Din, Silvia, Eskofier, Björn, Evers, Jordi, Garcia-Aymerich, Judith, Gazit, Eran, Hansen, Clint, Hausdorff, Jeffrey M., Helbostad, Jorunn L., Hiden, Hugo, Hume, Emily, Paraschiv-Ionescu, Anisoara, Ireson, Neil, Keogh, Alison, Kirk, Cameron, Kluge, Felix, SKoch, Sarah, Küderle, Arne, Lanfranch, Vitaveska, Maetzler, Walter, Micó-Amigo, M. Encarna, Mueller, Arne, Neatrour, Isabel, Niessen, Martijn, Palmerini, Luca, Pluimgraaff, Lucas, Reggi, Luca, Salis, Francesca, Schwickert, Lars, Scott, Kirsty, Sharrack, Basil, Sillen, Henrik, Singleton, David, Soltani, Abolfazi, Taraldsen, Kristin, Ullrich, Martin, Van Gelder, Linda, Vereijken, Beatrix, Vogiatzis, Ioannis, Warmerdam, Elke, Yarnall, Alison and Rochester, Lynn (2021) Technical validation of real-world monitoring of gait: a multicentric observational study. BMJ Open, 11 (12). e050785. ISSN 2044-6055

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Wilson, Joanna, Alcock, Lisa, Yarnall, Alison J., Lord, Sue, Lawson, Rachael A., Morris, Rosie, Taylor, John-Paul, Burn, David J., Rochester, Lynn and Galna, Brook (2020) Gait Progression Over 6 Years in Parkinson’s Disease: Effects of Age, Medication, and Pathology. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 12. p. 577435. ISSN 1663-4365

Menant, Jasmine C., Maidan, Inbal, Alcock, Lisa, Al-Yahya, Emad, Cerasa, Antonio, Clark, David J., de Bruin, Eling, Fraser, Sarah, Gramigna, Vera, Hamacher, Dennis, Herold, Fabian, Holtzer, Roee, Izzetoglu, Meltem, Lim, Shannon, Pantall, Annette, Pelicioni, Paulo, Peters, Sue, Rosso, Andrea L., St George, Rebecca, Stuart, Sam, Vasta, Roberta, Vitorio, Rodrigo and Mirelman, Anat (2020) A consensus guide to using functional near-infrared spectroscopy in posture and gait research. Gait & Posture, 82. pp. 254-265. ISSN 0966-6362

Rehman, Rana Zia Ur, Buckley, Christopher, Mico-Amigo, Maria Encarna, Kirk, Cameron, Dunne-Willows, Michael, Mazza, Claudia, Shi, Jian Qing, Alcock, Lisa, Rochester, Lynn and Del Din, Silvia (2020) Accelerometry-Based Digital Gait Characteristics for Classification of Parkinson's Disease: What Counts? IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 1. pp. 65-73. ISSN 2644-1276

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Buckley, Christopher, Alcock, Lisa, McArdle, Ríona, Rehman, Rana Zia Ur, Del Din, Silvia, Mazzà, Claudia, Yarnall, Alison J. and Rochester, Lynn (2019) The Role of Movement Analysis in Diagnosing and Monitoring Neurodegenerative Conditions: Insights from Gait and Postural Control. Brain Sciences, 9 (2). p. 34. ISSN 2076-3425

Stuart, Sam, Alcock, Lisa, Rochester, Lynn, Vitorio, Rodrigo and Pantall, Annette (2019) Monitoring multiple cortical regions during walking in young and older adults: dual-task response and comparison challenges. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 135. pp. 63-72. ISSN 0167-8760

Vitorio, Rodrigo, Stuart, Sam, Gobbi, Lilian T. B., Rochester, Lynn, Alcock, Lisa and Pantall, Annette (2018) Reduced gait variability and enhanced brain activity in older adults with auditory cues: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 32 (11). pp. 976-987. ISSN 1545-9683

Hunt, David, Stuart, Sam, Nell, Jeremy, Hausdorff, Jeffrey M., Galna, Brook, Rochester, Lynn and Alcock, Lisa (2018) Do people with Parkinson’s disease look at task relevant stimuli when walking? An exploration of eye movements. Behavioural Brain Research, 348. pp. 82-89. ISSN 0166-4328

Stuart, Sam, Hunt, David, Nell, Jeremy, Godfrey, Alan, Hausdorff, Jeffrey M., Rochester, Lynn and Alcock, Lisa (2018) Do you see what I see? Mobile eye-tracker contextual analysis and inter-rater reliability. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 56 (2). pp. 289-296. ISSN 0140-0118

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Hickey, Aodhán, Gunn, Eleanor, Alcock, Lisa, Del Din, Silvia, Godfrey, Alan, Rochester, Lynn and Galna, Brook (2016) Validity of a wearable accelerometer to quantify gait in spinocerebellar ataxia type 6. Physiological Measurement, 37 (11). N105-N117. ISSN 0967-3334

Stuart, Susan, Alcock, Lisa, Godfrey, Alan, Lord, Stephen, Rochester, Lynn and Galna, Brook (2016) Accuracy and re-test reliability of mobile eye-tracking in Parkinson's disease and older adults. Medical Engineering & Physics, 38 (3). pp. 308-315. ISSN 1350-4533

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