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Khudair, Mohammed, Marcuzzi, Anna, Ng, Kwok, Tempest, Gavin, Bartoš, František, Peric, Ratko, Maier, Maximilian, Beccia, Flavia, Boccia, Stefania, Brandes, Mirko, Cardon, Greet, Carlin, Angela, Castagna, Carolina, Chaabene, Helmi, Chalkley, Anna, Ciaccioni, Simone, Cieślińska-Świder, Joanna, Čingienė, Vilma, Cortis, Cristina, Corvino, Chiara, de Geus, Eco, Di Baldassarre, Angela, Di Credico, Andrea, Drid, Patrik, Fernandez Tarazaga, Rosa Maria, Gallè, Francesca, García Sánchez, Esther, Gebremariam, Mekdes, Ghinassi, Barbara, Goudas, Marios, Hayes, Grainne, Honorio, Samuel, Izzicupo, Pascal, Jahre, Henriette, Jelsma, Judith, Juric, Petra, Kolovelonis, Athanasios, Kongsvold, Atle, Kouidi, Evangelia, Mansergh, Fiona, Masanovic, Bojan, Mekonnen, Teferi, Mork, Paul Jarle, Murphy, Marie, O'Hara, Kelly, Ozbil Torun, Ayse, Palumbo, Federico, Popovic, Stevo, Prieske, Olaf, Puharic, Zrinka, Ribeiro, Jose, Rumbold, Penny, Sandu, Petru, Sorić, Maroje, Stavnsbo, Mette, Syrmpas, Ioannis, Van Der Ploeg, Hidde P., Van Hoye, Aurélie, Vilela, Sofia, Woods, Catherine, Wunsch, Kathrin, Capranica, Laura, MacDonncha, Ciaran and Ling, Fiona (2022) DE-PASS Best Evidence Statement (BESt): Modifiable determinants of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in children and adolescents aged 5-19 years– A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ Open, 12 (9). e059202. ISSN 2044-6055

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Conference or Workshop Item

Mytton, Graham, Archer, David, Rumbold, Penny and St Clair Gibson, Alan (2015) Differences in the pacing patterns of female medallists and nonmedallists in the 400-m freestyle swimming event. In: BASES Conference 2015, 1st - 2nd December 2015, Burton-upon-Trent, UK.

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Green, Benjamin, Turner, Louise, Bryans, J., Stevenson, Emma and Rumbold, Penny (2015) Milk and dairy food consumption; a comparison between children and adolescents. In: Nutrition Society Summer Meeting 2015, 14-17 July 2014, Glasgow.


Rumbold, Penny (2011) Energy Intake and Appetite Following Sport-Specific Exercise in Adolescent Girls. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

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