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Tjahja, Cyril and Yee, Joyce (2022) Being a Sociable Designer: Reimagining the Role of Designers in Social Innovation. CoDesign, 18 (1). pp. 135-150. ISSN 1571-0882

Steane, Jamie, Briggs, Jo and Yee, Joyce (2020) T-Shifting Identities and Practices: Interaction Designers in the Fourth Industrial Age. International Journal of Design, 14 (3). pp. 85-96. ISSN 1991-3761

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Yee, Joyce (2007) Connecting practice to research (and back to practice): making the leap from design practice to design research. Design Principles and Practices, 1 (1). pp. 81-90. ISSN 1833-1874

Book Section

Yee, Joyce, Srun, Sovan and Smitheman, Laura (2022) Enacting plurality in designing social innovation: Developing a culturally grounded twenty-first-century leadership programme for a Cambodian context. In: Artistic Cartography and Design Explorations Towards the Pluriverse. Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies . Taylor & Francis, New York, US, pp. 171-185. ISBN 9781032258232, 9781032245164, 9781003285175

Yee, Joyce, Yoko Akama, Yoko Akama and Teerapong, Khemmiga (2020) Being community and culturally-led: Tensions and pluralities in evaluating social innovation. In: ServDes.2020: Tensions / Paradoxes / Plurality. Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, 173 (173). Linkoping University Electronic Press, Linköping, pp. 458-471. ISBN 9789179297794

Petrella, Viola, Yee, Joyce and Clarke, Rachel E. (2020) Mutuality and reciprocity: foregrounding relationships in Design and Social Innovation. In: Proceedings of DRS2020 International Conference, Vol. 2: Impacts. Proceedings of DRS, 2 (2). Loughborough University, London, pp. 23-38. ISBN 9781912294381

Tjahja, Cyril and Yee, Joyce (2018) Social Hierarchy in Design and Social Innovation: Perspectives from Thailand. In: Proceedings of DRS2018: Catalyst. Design Research Society, Loughborough, UK, pp. 704-716. ISBN 9781912294176

Yee, Joyce (2017) The researcherly designer/the designerly researcher. In: Practice-based Design Research. Bloomsbury, London, UK. ISBN 9781474267816

Parkinson, David, Bohemia, Erik, Yee, Joyce and Smith, Neil (2012) Design Process and Organisational Strategy: A Storytelling Perspective. In: Design Research Society 2012: Bangkok. DRS, pp. 1444-1453. ISBN 978-6165515702

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Akama, Yoko, Yee, Joyce, Hill, Regina and Tjahja, Cyril (2019) Impact and Evaluation in Designing Social Innovation: Insights from the DESIAP KL Workshop and Symposium. Project Report. RMIT & Northumbria University.

Yee, Joyce, Akama, Yoko, Lawson, Ryley and Tjahja, Cyril (2017) Design and Social Innovation Research Network: Bridging the UK and Asia-Pacific Practices. Project Report. DESIAP Research Network.

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Yee, Joyce, White, Hazel and Lennon, Lindsey (2015) Valuing Design: Mapping design impact and value in six public & third sector projects. Project Report. Northumbria University, University of Dundee.

Conference or Workshop Item

Tjahja, Cyril, Yee, Joyce and Aftab, Mersha (2017) Objects of Design: Activity Theory as an analytical framework for Design and Social Innovation. In: DMA 2017 - The Design Management Academy Conference, 7th - 9th June 2017, Hong Kong, China.

Akama, Yoko and Yee, Joyce (2016) Seeking stronger plurality: Intimacy and integrity in designing for social innovation. In: Cumulus Hong Kong 2016, 21st - 24th November 2016, Hong Kong.

Rodgers, Paul and Yee, Joyce (2016) Design Research is Alive and Kicking... In: DRS2016 - Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference, 27th - 30th June 2016, Brighton, UK.

Yee, Joyce, White, Hazel and Lennon, Lindsey (2015) Valuing design in public and third sector organisations. In: 11th European Academy of Design (EAD), 22-24 April 2015, Boulogne Billancourt.

Forsyth, Anthony, Yee, Joyce, Duncan, Trevor and Thomas, James (2015) Seeing the light – finding the poetic content of design objects. In: Research Through Design 2015, 25th - 27th March 2015, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Wallace, Jayne, Yee, Joyce and Durrant, Abigail (2014) Reflections on a synergistic format for disseminating research through design. In: CHI 2014, 26 April-1 May 2014, Toronto, Canada.

Yee, Joyce, Jefferies, Emma and Tan, Lauren (2014) Brave New Worlds: Transitions in Design Practice. In: ServDes 2014, 9-11 April 2014, Lancaster, UK.

Henderson, Katherine, Young, Robert, Wallace, Jayne and Yee, Joyce (2013) Can Design Methods Facilitate the Personalisation of Healthcare for Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes within a National Health Service Context? In: Praxis and Poetics Research Through Design Conference, 3 - 5 September 2013, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK.

Leitner, Michael, Cockton, Gilbert and Yee, Joyce (2013) At the mobile experience flicks: making short films to make sense for mobile interaction design. In: Mobile HCI 2013 - Adaptation and Design, 29 August 2013, Munich, Germany.

Parkinson, David, Bohemia, Erik, Yee, Joyce and Smith, Neil (2012) Design Process and Organisational Strategy: A Storytelling Perspective. In: Design Research Society International Conference, 1-4 July 2012, Bangkok, Thailand.

Yee, Joyce, Walker, Adam and Menzfeld, Luke (2012) The use of design visualisation methods to support decision making. In: 12th International Design Conference - Design 2012, 21-24 May 2012, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Leitner, Michael, Cockton, Gilbert, Yee, Joyce and Greenough, Thomas (2012) The Hankie Probe: A Materialistic Approach to Mobile UX Research. In: CHI 2012 (ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), 5-10 May 2012, Austin, Texas.

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Yee, Joyce and MacLarty, Liz (2010) Enabling a community of practice: Fostering social learning between designers and design managers at postgraduate level. In: Enhancing Curricula: 5th Centre for Teaching Art and Design Conference (CLTAD), 12-13 April 2010, Berlin.

Yee, Joyce, Tan, Lauren and Meredith, Philip (2009) The emergent roles of a designer in the development of an e learning service. In: First Nordic Service Design Conference, 24-26 November 2009, School of Architecture and Design, Oslo.

Yee, Joyce (2009) Capturing tacit knowledge: Documenting and understanding recent methodological innovation used in Design Doctorates in order to inform Postgraduate training provision. In: Experiential Knowledge Conference, 19th June 2009, London Metropolitan University, London.

Taylor, Louise and Yee, Joyce (2007) “Are you a Delia or a Chantelle?” Engaging Stakeholders in Branding Exercises. In: Design and Semantics of Form and Movement, 12-13 December 2007, School of Design, Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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Yee, Joyce and Lievesley, Matthew (2007) Surrogate users : a pragmatic approach to defining user needs. In: CHI 2007 (ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), 28 April - 3 May 2007, San Jose, California.

Yee, Joyce (2004) Re-learning typography: introducing a cross-disciplinary typographic framework. In: Futureground: Design Research Society Conference, 17-21 November 2004, Melbourne, Australia.

Carruthers, Grant and Yee, Joyce (2004) Beyond the Wall: Typography from the German Democratic Republic. In: Bad Type: Third Annual Friends of St Bride Conference, 18-20 October 2004, St Bride Library, London.

Yee, Joyce (2004) A Typographic Dilemma: Reconciling the old with the new using a new cross-disciplinary typographic framework. In: 2nd International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication: Communication and New Technologies Conference, 24-29 June 2004, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Yee, Joyce (2003) Dynamic literature mapping : typography in screen-based media. In: European Academy of Design Conference, 28-30 April 2003, Barcelona, Spain.


Steane, Jamie and Yee, Joyce (2018) Interaction Design: From Concept To Completion. Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781474232395, 9781474236362

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Taylor, Louise and Yee, Joyce (2006) Find your future through an apprenticeship. AimHigher / Tyne and Wear Learning Partnership.

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