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Abdussalam, Saleh (2006) Privatization and its future implications in Libya : a case study of the Libyan National Textile Company. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Alhawarin, Ibrahim (2006) Demand for higher education and the role of starting earnings expectations : the case of final-year secondary education students in Jordan. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.


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Fitzgerald, Ian (2006) Organising migrant workers in construction: experience from the North East of England. In: The Unprotected Migrant: Mobility, Social Policy and Labour Rights in Europe, 16-17 May 2006, Tampere.

Fitzgerald, Ian (2006) Regeneration: 'community benefits' or 'targeted training and employment'. Other. Knowledge Inclusion Project, Newcastle.

Fitzgerald, Ian and O'Brien, Peter (2006) A commentary on trade union and higher education engagement. In: Critical Labour Studies, 1 November 2006, Northumbria University.

Fleming, William (2006) Prediction of the fatigue of metal matrix composites using theory of cells. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.


Grandy, Gina (2006) Theorizing identity at work : exotic dancing as a site for organizational and occupational research. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

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Irwin, D. and Scott, Jonathan (2006) Barriers faced by SMEs in raising bank finance. In: ISBE 2006 : Institute of small business and entrepreneurship conference (ISBE), 31st October - 2nd November 2006, Cardiff.

Irwin, D. and Scott, Jonathan (2006) The important role of micro-finance in supporting SMEs. Cyprus International Journal of Management, 10 (1). ISSN 1450-0000


James, Mark (2006) Liability for professional athletes’ injuries: a comparative analysis of where the risk lies. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues, 2006 (1). ISSN 1360-1326

Jha, Pushkar and Lampel, Joseph (2006) Strategic Learning in Technology Design Contests. In: Academy of Management Meeting, 11 - 16 August 2006, Atlanta, USA.


Kirkup, Naomi and Major, Bridget (2006) Doctoral Foundation Paper: The reliability of economic impact studies of the Olympic Games: A post-games study of Sydney 2000 and considerations for London 2012. Journal of Sport and Tourism, 11 (3-4). pp. 275-296. ISSN 1477-5085


Lampel, Joseph, Bhalla, Ajay and Jha, Pushkar (2006) Back to the Digital Future: The Role of Copyrights in Sustaining Creativity and Diversity in the Music Industry. Project Report. Cass Business School.

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Liu, Qin (2006) Optimal utilization of historical data sets for the construction of software cost prediction models. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Love, Jim, Driffield, Nigel, Roper, Stephen and Scott, Jonathan (2006) Factors influencing the relative performance of the West Midlands: Summary report. Project Report. West Midlands Regional Observatory, Birmingham.


Macht, Stephanie (2006) The post-investment impact of Business Angels upon their investee companies. In: 29th ISBE Conference - International Entrepreneurship, 31 October -2 November 2006, Cardiff.

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Mavin, Sharon (2006) Venus envy: problematizing solidarity behaviour and queen bees. Women in Management Review, 21 (4). pp. 264-276. ISSN 0964-9425

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Ng, Lai Hong (2006) Service encounter behaviour (SEB) in higher education : a Malaysian perspective. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Ng, Lai Ling (2006) Research-based communities of practice (CoP) in UK higher education : the value to individuals. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

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Ritson, Sandra Elizabeth (2006) Political occitanism 1974 - 2000 : exploring the marginalisation of an ethnoregionalist movement. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Roper, Stephen, Driffield, Nigel, Sena, Vania, Añon Higon, Dolores and Scott, Jonathan (2006) Exploring gender differentials in access to business finance: an econometric analysis of survey data. Other. Department for Business Innovation and Skills.


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Spedding, Gladys (2006) 'No qualifications are necessary': effective governance in state secondary schools: model guidelines. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.


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Turner, Jane, Mavin, Sharon and Minocha, Sonal (2006) We will teach you the steps but you will never learn to dance. The Learning Organization, 13 (4). pp. 398-412. ISSN 0969-6474


Ulbrich, Frank (2006) How Swedish government agencies translate the shared services idea. In: IT & Business Performance: A Dynamic Relationship. Studentlitteratur, Lund, Sweden, pp. 113-134. ISBN 9789144020693

Ulbrich, Frank (2006) Improving shared service implementation: adopting lessons from the BPR movement. Business Process Management Journal, 12 (2). pp. 191-205. ISSN 1463-7154


Vlachos, Ilias (2006) Agrifood logistics and food traceability. In: Logistics Research Network Annual Conference, 6-8 September 2006, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Vlachos, Ilias (2006) e-Business applications in the European food & beverages industry: managerial & economic implications. In: The food industry in Europe: tradition and innovation : Erasmus Intensive Programme in agri-business management with emphasis in Food Industry Enterprises. Akademia Ekonomiczna, Poland, pp. 35-49. ISBN 9788392206774

Vlachos, Ilias and Bourlakis, Michael (2006) Supply chain collaboration between retailers and manufacturers: do they trust each other? Supply Chain Forum, 7 (1). p. 70. ISSN 1625-8312

Vlachos, Ilias, Bourlakis, Michael and Karalis, Vassilis (2006) Manufacturer-retailer collaboration in food demand chains: a win-win battle. In: Logistics Research Network Annual Conference, 6-8 September 2006, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Vlachos, Ilias and Dimitropoulos, Exarxos (2006) Supply chain management, 3rd party logistics & food quality & safety: evidence from Greece. In: 7th International Conference on Management in AgriFood Chains and Networks, 31 May- 3 June 2006, Ede, The Netherlands.


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Yarrow, David (2006) A case study of the pursuit of organisational excellence : the role of 'diagnostic benchmarking' as an enabler of organisational improvement. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

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