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Abubakar, Aisha, Romice, Ombretta and Salama, Ashraf (2019) Slums and prosperity: a complex, dynamic pathway of intervention. Archnet-IJAR, 13 (2). pp. 314-330. ISSN 2631-6862

Adebayo, Adejimi Alli (2019) Retail property market performance of cities: an investigation of the relationships between spatial configuration of consumer movement and changes in retail stock and value in Leeds, Newcastle and York. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

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Agbali, Mohammed, Trillo, Claudia, Ibrahim, Isa Ali, Arayici, Yusuf and Fernando, Terrence (2019) Are Smart Innovation Ecosystems Really Seeking to Meet Citizens’ Needs? Insights from the Stakeholders’ Vision on Smart City Strategy Implementation. Smart Cities, 2 (2). pp. 307-327. ISSN 2624-6511

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Brown, Laura Alexandra (2019) The architectural design and planning legacies of the European Summer Olympic Games 1948-2012. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Chen, Xiaohong (2019) Developing a third party investment partnership framework to encourage low carbon building projects in China. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

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Dalton, Ruth (2019) Making cities more walkable by understanding how other people influence our journeys. The Conversation.

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Gilento, Piero, Pesce, Cecilia and Pesce, Giovanni (2019) Analysis of Mortar Samples from the Church of the Saints Sergius and Bacchus at Umm as-Surab (Jordan). In: Proceedings of the 5th Historic Mortars Conference. RILEM, Paris, pp. 713-726. ISBN 9782351582213, 9782351582220

Greenhalgh, Paul (2019) Grease to the wheel or a spanner in the works? Reflecting on the legacy of 40 years of property-led regeneration in Tyne and Wear: Inaugural public lecture by Professor Paul Greenhalgh, Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Northumbria University. In: Northumbria University Public Lectures, 3 March 2020, Northumbria University.

Greenhalgh, Paul, Johnson, Lynn and Huntley, Victoria (2019) An investigation of the impact of 2017 Business Rates Revaluation on independent high street retailers in the north of England. Journal of Property Investment & Finance, 37 (3). pp. 241-254. ISSN 1463-578X

Grzeschik, Ramona, Conroy-Dalton, Ruth, Innes, Anthea, Shanker, Shanti and Wiener, Jan M. (2019) The contribution of visual attention and declining verbal memory abilities to age-related route learning deficits. Cognition, 187. pp. 50-61. ISSN 0010-0277

Harrington, Selma, Dimitrijevic, Branka and Salama, Ashraf (2019) Fragile republic: defragmenting the public space in Sarajevo's museums quadrant. In: Field Conditions: All Ireland Architecture Research Group, 24/1/2019 - 25/1/2019, Dublin, Ireland.

Harrington, Selma, Dimitrijevic, Branka and Salama, Ashraf (2019) Synchrony-city: Sarajevo in five acts and few intervals. Archnet-IJAR, 13 (3). pp. 573-594. ISSN 2631-6862

Henriques, Diogo Pereira (2019) Beyond colonialism in architecture, cities, and landscapes: cultural agency and global networks. In: Colonial and Postcolonial Landscapes: Architecture, Cities, Infrastructure, 16-19 January 2019, Lisbon.

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Hussey, Henry, Thurairajah, Niraj, Ginige, Kanchana and Goulding, Jack (2019) Establishing Descriptions of Building Work in UK. In: Proceedings of the 35th Annual ARCOM Conference, 2-4 September 2019, Leeds, UK. Association of Researchers in Construction Management, Leeds, pp. 283-292. ISBN 9780995546349

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Jayasena, Suranga, Thurairajah, Niraj, Perera, Kanchana and Siriwardena, Mohan (2019) Promotion of Diffusion of Innovation: A Study of BIM Adoption in Construction Industries. In: Proceedings of the 35th Annual ARCOM Conference, 2-4 September 2019, Leeds, UK. Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM), Leeds, pp. 283-292. ISBN 9780995546349

Jin, Jiayi (2019) Stimulate Social Interaction in Urban Public Space through the Design and Implementation of HCI. In: CHI’19 Workshop: HCI in China: Research Agenda, Education Curriculum, Industry Partnership, and Communities Building, 4th - 9th May 2019, Glasgow, UK.

Jin, Jiayi and Chen, Pengyu (2019) Making a Megacity for Everyone: Towards Inclusiveness and Vitality for Shenzhen's Urban Periphery. In: Proceedings of the 12th Space Syntax Symposium (12SSS): 8-13 July 2019, Beijing, China. Space Syntax Network / Sejong University Press, Beijing, p. 314. ISBN 9781510893795

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Kelly, Kenneth, Charlton, James and Greenwood, David (2019) Understanding the complexities of managing historic buildings through heritage BIM: a case study of Durham Cathedral. In: Advances in ICT in Design, Construction and Management in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO): Proceedings of the 36th CIB W78 2019 Conference. Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 264-274. ISBN 9781861354877, 9781861354860

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Kirk, Rachel and McGuinness, David (2019) Making the links between the dissertation process and employability: Harnessing the voice of alumni. In: Advance HE Teaching & Learning Conference 2019, 2nd - 4th July 2019, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Kuliga, Saskia, Nelligan, Benjamin, Dalton, Ruth, Marchette, Steven, Shelton, Amy, Carlson, Laura and Hölscher, Christoph (2019) Exploring Individual Differences and Building Complexity in Wayfinding: The Case of the Seattle Central Library. Environment and Behavior, 51 (5). pp. 622-665. ISSN 0013-9165

Leyendecker, Katja (2019) Call to action: towards a practice of inclusive road safety. Municipal Engineer, 172 (1). pp. 10-17. ISSN 0965-0903

Leyendecker, Katja (2019) Women activists’ experience of local cycling politics. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Li, Hong Xian, Horan, Peter, Luther, Mark B. and Ahmed, Tarek (2019) Informed Decision Making of Battery Storage for Solar-PV Homes Using Smart Meter Data. Energy and Buildings, 198. pp. 491-502. ISSN 0378-7788

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Mokhtar Azizi, Zahirah, Mokhtar Azizi, Nurul Sakina, Abidin, Nazirah Zainul and Mannakkara, Sandeeka (2019) Making Sense of Energy-Saving Behaviour: A Theoretical Framework on Strategies for Behaviour Change Intervention. Procedia Computer Science, 158. pp. 725-734. ISSN 1877-0509

Mokhtar Azizi, Zahirah, Mokhtar Azizi, Sakina, Samikon, Siti Aida and Nasir, Nasyairi Mat (2019) Raising Energy-Saving Awareness with the Home Energy Report. European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences. pp. 520-526. ISSN 2421-826X

Muldoon-Smith, Kevin (2019) Climate change: real estate worth billions could become obsolete - unless owners act now. The Conversation.

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Ozbil Torun, Ayse, Gurleyen, Tugce, Yesiltepe, Demet and Zunbuloglu, Ezgi (2019) Comparative Associations of Street Network Design, Streetscape Attributes and Land-Use Characteristics on Pedestrian Flows in Peripheral Neighbourhoods. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (1846). ISSN 1661-7827

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Perampalam, Gatheeshgar, Poologanathan, Keerthan, Beatini, Valentina, Gunalan, Shanmuganathan, Tsavdaridis, Konstantinos D. and Degtyareva, N. (2019) Stiffener Arrangement for Cold-Formed Steel Joist with Circular Web Openings: Numerical Studies. In: IASS Annual Symposium 2019 - Form and Force, 7-10 Oct 2019, Barcelona, Spain. (Unpublished)

Pesce, Cecilia, Moretto, Ligia, Orsega, Emilio, Pesce, Giovanni, Corradi, Marco and Weber, Johannes (2019) Effectiveness and Compatibility of a Novel Sustainable Method for Stone Consolidation Based on Di-Ammonium Phosphate and Calcium-Based Nanomaterials. Materials, 12 (18). ISSN 1996-1944

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