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Alamgir, Fariba, Nahar, Papreen, Collins, Andrew, Ray-Bennett, Nibedita and Bhuiya, Abbas (2009) Climate change and food security: health risks and vulnerabilities of the poor in Bangladesh. International Journal of Climate Change: impacts and responses, 1 (4). pp. 37-54. ISSN 1835-7156

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Barke, Mike and Mowl, Graham (2009) "..quite unconscious of anything outside Baedeker" (E.M.Forster): Malaga City - a failed resort of the early twentieth century? In: Resorting to the Coast: Tourism, Heritage and Cultures of the Seaside. Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University. ISBN 978-1907240027

Barke, Mike and Mowl, Graham (2009) "..quite unconscious of anything outside Baedeker" (E.M.Forster): Malaga City - a failed resort of the early twentieth century? In: Resorting to the Coast: Tourism, Heritage and Cultures of the Seaside, 25-29 June 2009, Blackpool.

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Mellor, Antony (2009) Enhancing student learning on an overseas Geography fieldwork programme: the role of 'virtual fieldwork'. In: Northumbria Conference 2009, 8 September 2009, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Mellor, Antony (2009) Enhancing student learning on an overseas geography fieldwork programme : the role of virtual fieldwork. In: Northumbria Conference 2009: The student voice, 8 September 2009, Seaton Burn, UK.

Mellor, Antony (2009) Group work assessment : key considerations in developing good practice. In: GEES Subject Centre Assessment for Learning Conference, 22 June 2009, University of Manchester, England,.

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Moussa, Mohamed Salem Ali (2009) An eclectic approach to the determinants of foreign direct investment inflows to the Libyan oil and gas sector. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.


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