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Abdul Ghafar, Maszura, Ibrahim, Rahinah, Shari, Zalina and Rahimian, Farzad Pour (2013) Embedding Work Culture in Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Enhancing Collaboration in Global Projects. International Journal of 3-D Information Modeling, 2 (2). pp. 16-29. ISSN 2156-1710

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Bagali, Rahul, Zhang, Li and Maheri, Alireza (2013) Effect of different bend-twist coupling topologies on induced twist and cost of wind turbine adaptive blades. In: 1st International Conference on Engineering of Tarumanagara (ICET 2013), 2-3 October 2013, Jakarta.

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Borri, Antonio, Castori, Giulio and Corradi, Marco (2013) Utilizzo di trefoli metallici per il rinforzo di colonne murarie con mattoni “Faccia Vista”. Ingenio, 16. ISSN 2307-8928

Borri, Antonio, Castori, Giulio, Corradi, Marco and Sisti, Romina (2013) Tecniche innovative di rinforzo di murature storiche. Sperimentazioni in situ con un intonaco armato di nuova generazione. Ingenio, 16. pp. 1-15. ISSN 2307-8928

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Dizqah, Arash, Maheri, Alireza, Busawon, Krishna and Fritzson, Peter (2013) Modeling and Simulation of a Combined Solar and Wind Energy System using OpenModelica. In: 5th OpenModelica / 7th MODPROD Annual Workshops, 4-7 February 2013, Linkoping, Sweden.

Doherty, Eamonn, Kelly, Paul and Crapper, Martin (2013) Evaluation of a risk assessment system for heritage railway earthworks. In: Railway Engineering 2013, 9-10 July 2013, London.


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Elkady, M., Elmarakbi, Ahmed, Knapton, D., Saleh, M., Abdelhameed, M. and Bawady, A. (2013) Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Electromagnetic Variable Valve Timing Control Systems for Improvement of Spark Ignition Engine Performance. Advances in Automobile Engineering, 03 (01). ISSN 2167-7670

Elkady, Mustafa and Elmarakbi, Ahmed (2013) Enhancement Vehicle’s Occupant Safety by Using Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems in Vehicle-to-Barrier Offset Frontal Collision. In: Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 197 (197). Springer, pp. 179-191. ISBN 9783642338045

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