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Aldington, Clair (2017) The Role of the Arts and Gifting in the Restorative Process. In: Restorative Imagination: Artistic Pathways. European Forum for Restorative Justice, Leuven, Belgium, pp. 54-63.

Ali, Caroline Ann (2020) Interpolation in fine art drawing: an investigation of drawing informed by strategies for retouching in conservation of fine art works on paper. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

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Arlington, Joanna, Dellow, José Mario, Kerr Jones, Mez, MacGregor, Lucie, McArdle, Claire, Sakula, Lily Ash, Scammell, Nick, Thomas, Judy, Wharton, Cathal and Wren, Amy (2022) make 22. [Show/Exhibition]

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Baker-Alder, Helen (2010) 400 Women. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2010) Artist Teacher. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2012) Colour as material. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2008) Ex roma II. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2008) The Fall Of Rome. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2012) KATE SMITH. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2012) Malerei: Painting as Object. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2009) Performance Now and Then. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2009) Politics and people. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2011) Red Rag. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2009) Story time. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2010) Visibility Good [Exhibition catalogue]. School of Arts and Social Sciences Academic Press, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. ISBN 9780956120687

Baker-Alder, Helen (2011) Working Against the System. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2009) Works on paper. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen, Ball, Martin, Burton, Andrew, Dalton, Derek, Newton, Duncan, Senior, Gordon, Talbot, Neil, Ward, Gilbert, Watson, Fred, Wolland, Peter, Wood, Eleanor, Bowen, Sian, Chevalier, Annette, Close, Val, Easydorchik, Edwin, Goard, David, Knipe, Tony, Livsey, Julie, Lloyd, Nick, Ord, Brian, Rankin, Claudia, Robson, Gavin, Rose, Colin, Rowe, Liz, Thompson, Brian, Ward, Dick and Williams, Susan (2009) The Newcastle Group 1984-2009. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen, Bowen, Sian, Crisp, Fiona, Dorsett, Chris, McIntyre, Keith and Spark, Sue (2011) Unfinished Business – A Contemporary Response to William Bell Scott. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen and Hughes, Angela (2010) Christmas Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen, Lomax, Cathy, Schwarbsky, Barrie and Sharma, Alli (2011) About Painting. Transition Editions, London. ISBN 9780956881403

Baker-Alder, Helen and Millican, Jane (2010) We love New York? [Show/Exhibition]

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Bergsten, Carl, Odlyha, Marianne, Jakiela, Slawomir, Slater, Jonathan, Cavicchioli, Andrea, de Faria, Dalva, Niklasson, Annika, Svensson, Jan-Erik, Bratasz, Łukasz, Camuffo, Dario, della Valle, Antonio, Baldini, Francesco, Falciai, Riccardo, Mencaglia, Andrea, Senesi, Folco and Theodorakopoulos, Charis (2010) Sensor system for detection of harmful environments for pipe organs (SENSORGAN). E-Preservation Science, 7. pp. 116-125. ISSN 1581-9280

Bilby, Charlotte and Ridley, Louise (2011) Insider Art Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Blacker, Denys (2018) Interconnection, Synchronicity and Consciousness in Improvised Performance Art Practices. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Blunt, Danielle, Duguay, Stefanie, Gillespie, Tarleton, Love, Sinnamon and Smith, Clarissa (2021) Deplatforming Sex: a roundtable conversation. Porn Studies, 8 (4). pp. 420-438. ISSN 2326-8743

Blythe, Mark, Briggs, Jo, Freeth, Ben and Olivier, Patrick (2013) Blue Jay Weeble: experiential approaches to iPad painting. In: Praxis and Poetics: Research Through Design Conference 2013. Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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Borland, Christine (2009) Air Heads. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2010) Cast from nature. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2011) Collection of the Migros Museum - Time to Act. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Communication Suite. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Darwin's Canopy. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2010) Death to Delawab. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2012) Divine Imperfect. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2010) Doppler effect: images in art and science. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Genesis - The Art of Creation. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2009) Genipulation. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2009) The Greenroom: Reconsidering the Documentary and Contemporary Art. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2018) I Say Nothing. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Imagining Science. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Maternity: Images of Motherhood. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2009) Not for Sale. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2010) Pivot Points IV. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2016) Positive Pattern. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2011) Reflecting Glenfiddich, a selection of works from the Glenfiddich Artists in Residence. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2011) Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2010) SimBaby. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2009) SimBodies & NoBodies. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2010) SimWoman. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2009) The Unknown Girl. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine and Condon, Brody (2015) Circles of Focus. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine and Condon, Brody (2016) Circles of Focus: The Fall Experiment. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine and Condon, Brody (2013) Daughters of Decayed Tradesmen. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine, Crisp, Fiona, Dorsett, Chris and Lee, Rona (2014) Extraordinary Renditions (Stockholm): The Cultural Negotiation of Science. In: Extraordinary Renditions (Stockholm): The Cultural Negotiation of Science, 4 November 2014, The Royal Institute of Art, Kungl Konsthögskolan.

Borland, Christine, Fagen, Graham and Starling, Simon (2008) What is Life? [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine, Hunter, Kenny, Halperin, Ilana, Hewitt, Brian and Rivers, Ben (2009) An Entangled Bank: Darwin & Edinburgh. [Show/Exhibition]

Bosch, Johanna Titia (2009) The strategic studio: how to access and assess decision-making in visual art practice. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Bowen, Sian (2009) 40 artists, 40 drawings. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2009) 40 artists, 80 drawings. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2009) Artists in archaeology. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2011) Capturing the Ephemeral: Sian Bowen and Nova Zembla. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2010) Dust in the mirror. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2009) In between the lines: recent British drawings. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2009) Northern Print Biennale. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2008) Of dust, An exhibition comprising 20 works. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2000) Ream. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2009) Recent British drawings. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2008) Refractions / Shadows : a critics choice. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2006) Shift. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2012) Sian Bowen and Nova Zembla: Suspending the Ephemeral. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2007) Siân Bowen : gaze (drawing, context and the collection). [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2004) Siân Bowen : new works. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2010) Wrapped stone drawings. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian, Brooks, James, Cook, Christopher, David, Susie, Derges, Susan, Dorsett, Chris and Maltby, Sean (2011) Dust on the Mirror [part 3]. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian, Cook, Christopher, Ong, Donna and Tsai, Charwei (2011) Artist Symposium: Dust on the Mirror. In: Dust on the Mirror, 1st February 2011, Institute of Contemporary Arts, La Salle University, Singapore. (Unpublished)

Bowen, Sian, de Hond, Jan and Fruehsorge, Jan-Philipp (2012) Sian Bowen and Nova Zembla: Suspending the Ephemeral. Research Group for Artists Publications, Derby. ISBN 9780956902405

Bowman, Sarah (2019) Developing a liminality competency for promotional work: Using process philosophy to understand the traits necessary in an age of liquid professionalism. In: Complexity, hybridity, liminality: Challenges of researching contemporary promotional cultures workshop, 21st February 2020, LSE, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Bowman, Sarah and Yaxley, Heather (2021) Using a meta-modernist and ecological lens to underpin professionalism: Establishing communications as a reflective and sustainable practice. In: A post-conference of the 2021 Annual Meeting of the International Communication Association: Opening Up the Meanings of 'The Professional', Professional Organisations, and Professionalism in Communication Studies, 1-2 Jun 2021, Virtual. (Unpublished)

Bradbury, Sarah and Thomas, Judy (2022) A Spirit of Place. In: NAFAE Annual Conference 2022: Making Communities and Making with Communities, 29 Apr 2022, Birmingham. (Unpublished)

Brettle, Jane (2003) Airside : contemporary portraits. [Show/Exhibition]

Brettle, Jane (2006) Venus rising. [Show/Exhibition]

Briggs, Jo and Blythe, Mark (2013) Apps for art’s sake: resistance and innovation. In: Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, MobileHCI 2013. Association for Computing Machinery, New York, pp. 45-54. ISBN 9781450322737

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Brock, Anke, Truillet, Phillipe, Oriola, Bernard, Picard, Delphine, Jouffrais, Christophe, Wintergerst, Götz, Jagodzinski, Ron, Giles, Peter, Choi, Sangwon, Gu, Jiseong, Han, Jaehyun, Heo, Seongkook, Kim, Sunjun, Lee, Geehyuk, Ronchi, Gloria and Benghi, Claudio (2013) Demo hour. interactions, 20 (1). pp. 10-11. ISSN 1072-5520

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and Performance Art. In: Collecting and Conserving Performance Art, 9-11 June 2016, Wolfsburg.

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Brown, Michelle, Gough, Julie, Johnston, Sandra, Kneebone, Sue, Scarce, Yhonnie and Thorpe, Dominic (2016) Border Crossings. [Show/Exhibition]

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Burrows, David, Jackson, Mark, O'Sullivan, Simon and Tait, Stuart (2015) Monarch Drone Communique: Evolution of the eyes (in the sky, head and hand). Culture Machine, 16. ISSN 1465-4121

Burrows, David, Marzeta, Alex, Page, Vanessa, Jackson, Mark and Motsonian, (2016) Bit Coin Fairy, Fairy Fairy Bit Coin (Where is your coin? Where is your head?). [Show/Exhibition]

Burrows, David, O'Sullivan, Simon, Jackson, Mark, Leamen, Lawrence and Motsonian, (2016) Summoning the Bit Coin Fairy (full title: Plastique Fantastique Protocols for the Society for Cutting Up Mun-knee-snakers (S.C.U.M.):‘Pacific-Rim’ shoot b1t-c0in-f@iry). [Show/Exhibition]

Butt, Gavin (2019) Bedsit Art in the Leeds Experiment. In: bauhaus imaginista, Berlin, 15th March - 10th June 2019, Berlin, Germany.

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Cameron, Colin (2022) Disability, Normality and Absurdity: A Reflection on Stuckist Disability Art. Disability & Society, 37 (2). pp. 338-344. ISSN 0968-7599

Campbell, Cath and Thurlow, Miles (2007) No No No No No. [Artefact]

Campbell, David (2009) Adorno's Disco. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David (2014) Colin Darke, Grotesque Mediocrity. In: Colin Darke, Grotesque Mediocrity. The MAC, Belfast, The MAC, Belfast, pp. 1-6.

Campbell, David (2011) Common Culture- El Dorado and the Common. In: Trashing Performance, 29 October 2011, Goldsmiths, University of London, Univeristy of Roehampton and the Live Development Agency.

Campbell, David (2011) Counter-Culture II - Common Culture. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David (2014) David Campbell - Common Culture: recent projects and comic engagement. In: Research/KU, 27th October 2014, The Royal Institute of Art, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm..

Campbell, David (2011) Dead Eyes. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David (2012) Jim Shaw's Imaginarium. In: Jim Shaw's Imaginarium, 10 November 2012, BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art.

Campbell, David (2012) The New El Dorado (Common Culture) If you look like your passport photo you’re too ill to travel. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David (2011) The New El Dorado. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David (2010) The New El Dorado- Common Culture - Black & Common Culture. [Show/Exhibition]

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Campbell, David (2003) White Cube / Light Cube. In: White Cube - Artemis Potamianou. Ghikas Gallery, Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece.

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Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2004) Dancing to the music of the till— John Goto’s Ukadia. PARACHUTE, June (2004).

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2016) Double Act: Art & Comedy, (MAC, Belfast). [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2016) Double Act: Art and Comedy. Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK. ISBN 9780953899654

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2012) Double Act: Art and Comedy – Bluecoat, Liverpool. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2015) Jason Rhodes / Deviant Paths -The fetishism of Commodities and the Secret thereof. In: BxNU Symposium: Jason Rhodes / Deviant Paths, 21 April 2015, Baltic Centre For ContemporaryArt, Gateshead.

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2015) On the Use of Comedy in Art as a Form of Social Critique. In: Politics and Humour: Theory and Practice, 16th - 17th January 2015., The University of Kent.

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2006) VIDEOTASTIC. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2008) Variable Capital. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2008) Variable Capital. Liverpool University Press / University of Chicago Press, Liverpool / Chicago. ISBN 9781846311260

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2006) Video Weekend Nonstop. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2006) "WALK ON” - A Liverpool exhibition for the 6th Shanghai Biennale. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2005) ‘identity_factories'. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2017) 'Artists Tips (number 10) included in the exhibition 'Public View'. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2010) Bad Faith. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2008) Binge. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2009) Book Launch (2006). [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2008) Comic Battle. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2016) Common Culture Cabaret. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2012) Common Culture’s Tips For Artists in “Now I Gotta Reason”. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2010) Exhibition of 'Private Dance' in "In View". [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2011) The FACE: evolution of the portrait in photography. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2013) The Future of Art: peripheries use value and social change. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2009) Grin & Bear It: Cruel humour in art and life. [Show/Exhibition]

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