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Cockton, Gilbert (2000) How not to reinvent some wheels: Lessons from interactive system architectures. In: Software Architectures. Springer, London, pp. 191-212. ISBN 978-1-85233-636-3

Crabtree, Ruth, Holding, David and Wilkinson, Larry (2000) A system dynamics model for visitor choice of tranport mode to and from National Parks. In: Environmental Management and Pathways to Sustainable Tourism. Reflections on International Tourism . Athenaeum Press, Gateshead, UK, pp. 39-54. ISBN 1871916550

Dobash, Russell, Dobash, R. Emerson, Cavanagh, Kate and Lewis, Ruth (2000) Confronting violent men. In: Home truths about domestic violence: feminist influences on policy and practice: a reader. Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 289-309. ISBN 9780415241564

Doherty, Eamon, Bloor, Chris, Cockton, Gilbert, Engel, W. and Benigno, Dennis (2000) Yes/No - A mind operated device for severely motor impaired persons. In: Computers Helping People with Special Needs, ICCHP 2000 : proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs. Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft, Wien, pp. 143-150.

Doherty, Eamon, Cockton, Gilbert, Bloor, Chris and Benigno, Dennis (2000) Mixing oil and water: transcending method boundaries in assistive technology for traumatic brain injury. In: Proceedings on the 2000 conference on Universal Usability - CUU '00. Association for Computing Machinery, New York, pp. 110-117. ISBN 9781581133141

Evison, Martin (2000) All in the genes? Evaluating the biological evidence of contact and migration. In: Cultures in contact, Scandinavian Settlement in England in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries. Studies in the early Middle Ages . Brepols, Turnhout, pp. 277-294. ISBN 2503509789

Evison, Martin (2000) Anthropometry of the face: a review of the traditional methods of craniofacial measurement and their application to the anthropometry of photographic images. In: Third UK National Conference on Craniofacial Identification Report on Proceedings. Department of Art in Medicine, University of Manchester, p. 7.

Evison, Martin, Kyparissi-Apostolika, Nina, Stravopodi, E., Fieller, Nick and Smillie, D. M. (2000) An ancient HLA type from a Palaeolithic skeleton from Theopetra Cave, Greece. In: Theopetra Cave: Twelve Years of Excavation and Research 1987-1998. Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology, Athens, pp. 109-117. ISBN 960-91523-0-9

Goodall, Deborah and Clements, J. (2000) Multicultural partnership in North Tyneside. In: Read smarter not harder : reading promotions for children's libraries. Youth Libraries Group, London. ISBN 0946581193

Greenwood, David (2000) Adjudication in contracts: results of a subcontract survey. In: The Construction Act: Time for Review. Construction Law Press. ISBN 9781902814001

Greenwood, David (2000) Construction Contracts. In: Croner's Construction Management Handbook. Croner Publications.

Greenwood, David (2000) DOM/1&2 and the ICE Form of Subcontract. In: Tolleys Guide to Construction Contracts. Tolley Publishing.

Greenwood, David and Li, Hua (2000) Technology transfer on international joint venture projects in China. In: Proceedings of the 16th Annual ARCOM Conference. Association of Researchers in Construction Management. ISBN 978-0953416141

Lucklum, Ralf and McHale, Glen (2000) Treatment of slip in a generalized acoustic load concept. In: Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE/EIA International Frequency Control Symposium and Exhibition (Cat. No.00CH37052). IEEE, Piscataway, pp. 40-46. ISBN 0-7803-5838-4

McDowell, Liz and Pickard, Alison (2000) Let’s be careful out there - learning in the world of electronic information. In: Networked Learning 2000: innovative approaches to lifelong learning and higher education through the Internet. University of Sheffield, Sheffield, pp. 229-235. ISBN 9780902831384

Mellor, Antony (2000) Tafoni. In: The Oxford Companion to the Earth. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 978-0198540397

Mellor, Antony and Holmes, Alison (2000) Using subject audit towards enhancement of teaching and learning: A case study in geography and environmental management. In: Internal Audit in Higher Education. Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 183-190. ISBN 978-0749433000

Ng, Wai Pang, Elmirghani, Jaafar, Cryan, Bob, Chang, Yoong Choon and Broom, Simon (2000) Divergence detection in a speech-excited in-service non-intrusive measurement device. In: 2000 IEEE International Conference on Communications. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, pp. 944-948. ISBN 0-7803-6283-7

Pesce, Giovanni (2000) Analisi delle strutture di fondazione. In: Archeologia urbana a Savona: scavi e ricerche nel complesso monumentale del Priamàr. Collezione di monografie preistoriche ed archeologiche, 11,2 . Marco Sabatelli Editore, Bordighera, pp. 61-63. ISBN 9788886796057

Pesce, Giovanni (2000) La datazione mensiocronologica. In: Archeologia urbana a Savona. Marco Sabatelli Editore, Italy, p. 25. ISBN 9788886796057

Pesce, Giovanni (2000) Lo studio della volta ad ombrello. In: Archeologia urbana a Savona. Marco Sabatelli Editore, Italy, pp. 34-38. ISBN 9788886796057

Pickard, Alison and Dixon, Pat (2000) Technostress in biblioteca: L'impatto delle nuove tecnologies sull'untente. In: La biblioteca amichevole. Nuove tecnologie per un servizio orientato all'utente. Editrice Bibliografica, Milan, pp. 57-71. ISBN 9788870755459

Pickard, Alison and Dixon, Pat (2000) The use of constructivist inquiry in measuring the value and impact of electronic information resources. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services. Information North for the School of Information Studies, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pp. 149-154. ISBN 9780906433355

Qin, Sheng-feng, Harrison, Robert, West, Andrew, McLeod, S., Lee, S. M. and Thomas, D. (2000) Sketch and web-based simulation modelling. In: Proceedings of Image and Vision Computing New Zealand 2000. Massey University, Palmerston North, pp. 156-161. ISBN 9780473072131

Rodgers, Paul, Caldwell, Nicholas, Clarkson, John and Huxor, Avon (2000) Managing knowledge in dispersed design companies. In: Artificial Intelligence in Design '00. Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 147-167. ISBN 9780792363538, 9789401058117, 9789401141543

Rodgers, Paul, Caldwell, Nicholas and Huxor, Avon (2000) Writing and sharing of rule-text heuristics to support dispersed design communities. In: Collaborative Design: Proceedings of CoDesigning 2000. Springer, London, pp. 431-438. ISBN 978-1852333416

Rodgers, Paul, Caldwell, Nicholas and Huxor, Avon (2000) An internet-based approach to the capture and reuse of knowledge in design. In: Industrial Knowledge Management: A Micro-level Approach. Springer, London, pp. 249-264. ISBN 978-1852333393

Rodgers, Paul and Milton, Alex (2000) Design futures - future designers. In: Integrating Design Education Beyond 2000: Proceedings of the 22nd SEED Annual Design Conference and 7th National Conference on Product Design. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, pp. 115-120. ISBN 978-1860582653

Saxton, John (2000) Acute and chronic health effects of hand-arm vibration. In: Legislation for noise and vibration: enforcement, compliance, and benefits. Professional Engineering Publishing, pp. 7-10. ISBN 1860583075

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