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Baker-Alder, Helen (2008) Ex roma II. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2008) The Fall Of Rome. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Communication Suite. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Darwin's Canopy. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Genesis - The Art of Creation. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Imagining Science. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2008) Maternity: Images of Motherhood. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine, Fagen, Graham and Starling, Simon (2008) What is Life? [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2008) Of dust, An exhibition comprising 20 works. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2008) Refractions / Shadows : a critics choice. [Show/Exhibition]


Campbell, David and Durden, Mark (2008) Variable Capital. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2008) Binge. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2008) Comic Battle. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2008) Different Dimension. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2008) OPEN/INVITED e v+ a 2008, Too Early for Vacation. [Show/Exhibition]

Craddock, Kate (2008) Contamination. [Show/Exhibition]

Craddock, Kate (2008) A River Runs Through Us. [Show/Exhibition]

Craddock, Kate (2008) Under the Stairs. [Show/Exhibition]

Crisp, Fiona (2008) Back to the future. [Show/Exhibition]

Crisp, Fiona and Wrigley, Richard (2008) Ruination : photographs of Rome. [Show/Exhibition]


Elliott, Benjamin (2008) Northumbria University Architecture Degree Show. [Show/Exhibition]


Frith, Andrew (2008) Arena film. [Show/Exhibition]

Frith, Andrew (2008) Back to Backs: a portrait of a house. [Show/Exhibition]


Geary, Angela (2008) Marking the terrain. [Show/Exhibition]

Geary, Angela (2008) Summer Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Geary, Angela (2008) United artists fair. [Show/Exhibition]

Geary, Angela (2008) The new year exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Gilroy, Steve (2008) Me and Cilla. [Show/Exhibition]

Golding, Mike (2008) Beautifully crafted. [Show/Exhibition]

Golding, Mike (2008) Impostures. [Show/Exhibition]

Golding, Mike (2008) Mimic. [Show/Exhibition]


Ingram, Allan, Lawlor, Clark, Sim, Stuart, Terry, Richard, Wetherall Dickson, Leigh, Buie, Diane and Morris, Pauline (2008) 18th-Century Blues: Exploring the Melancholy Mind. [Show/Exhibition]


McIntyre, Keith and Wimhurst, Karen (2008) Fragility of flight. [Show/Exhibition]


Reed, Ginny (2008) Dis/enchantment. [Show/Exhibition]

Reed, Ginny and Rigg, Richard (2008) Draw a line, follow it. [Show/Exhibition]


Tatham, Joanne and O'Sullivan, Tom (2008) Are you feeling our meaning? [Show/Exhibition]

Tatham, Joanne and O'Sullivan, Tom (2008) The Great Transformation: Art and Tactical Magic. [Show/Exhibition]

Tatham, Joanne and O'Sullivan, Tom (2008) We are seemingly leaning towards meaning. [Show/Exhibition]


Wharton, Chris and Longstaff, Jacky (2008) Room: Town Moor, Newcastle upon Tyne. [Show/Exhibition]

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