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Baker-Alder, Helen (2011) Red Rag. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen (2011) Working Against the System. [Show/Exhibition]

Baker-Alder, Helen, Bowen, Sian, Crisp, Fiona, Dorsett, Chris, McIntyre, Keith and Spark, Sue (2011) Unfinished Business – A Contemporary Response to William Bell Scott. [Show/Exhibition]

Bilby, Charlotte and Ridley, Louise (2011) Insider Art Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2011) Collection of the Migros Museum - Time to Act. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2011) Reflecting Glenfiddich, a selection of works from the Glenfiddich Artists in Residence. [Show/Exhibition]

Borland, Christine (2011) Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2011) Capturing the Ephemeral: Sian Bowen and Nova Zembla. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian, Brooks, James, Cook, Christopher, David, Susie, Derges, Susan, Dorsett, Chris and Maltby, Sean (2011) Dust on the Mirror [part 3]. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David (2011) Counter-Culture II - Common Culture. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David (2011) Dead Eyes. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David (2011) The New El Dorado. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2011) The FACE: evolution of the portrait in photography. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2011) Manifesta 8 Flashback. [Show/Exhibition]

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2011) The New El Dorado - Common Culture. Endlos Umstritten, Ewig Schon. [Show/Exhibition]

Conti, Matteo (2011) Elecscoot E4 Electric Scooter Concept. [Show/Exhibition]

Conti, Matteo (2011) Qasqhai EV Prototype. [Show/Exhibition]

Crisp, Fiona (2011) Aide Memoire. Unfinished Business at Wallington (National Trust). [Show/Exhibition]

Danby, Charles (2011) Epilogues: It Started With A Car Crash. [Show/Exhibition]

Dillon, Peter (2011) ARRIVING. [Show/Exhibition]

Dillon, Peter (2011) LEAVING. [Show/Exhibition]

Dorsett, Chris and Mulvihill, Michael (2011) Cloud Chamber. [Show/Exhibition]

Duncan, Trevor (2011) All Golds. [Show/Exhibition]

Elliott, Benjamin (2011) Northumbria University Architecture Degree Show. [Show/Exhibition]

Goodfellow, Paul (2011) FEAR [Free Experimentation Aids Revelation]. [Show/Exhibition]

Haines, Beverley, Beyer, Eleanor, Gordon, Elizabeth, Pham, Grace, Clulow, Hanako, McKelvey, Kathryn, Lokati, Roman, Spencer, Matthew, Blow, Rebecca, Molloy, Rebecca, McVetis, Richard, Starbuck, Richard, Solomans, Ruth, T, Sabine, Hennessy, Stephen, Bygge, Ulrika and Venema, Yashen (2011) Candid Arts Mixed Media Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Hoelscher, Christoph, Brösamle, Martin, Dalton, Ruth, Altevogt, Stefan and Holgate, Peter (2011) Designing from the Inside Out: envisioning a scientific interchange. [Show/Exhibition]

Hughes, Allan (2011) After The Fall: Tulca 2011. [Show/Exhibition]

Hughes, Allan (2011) Askeaton Contemporary Arts: Welcome To The Neighbourhood. [Show/Exhibition]

Hughes, Allan (2011) Point Of Audition. [Show/Exhibition]

Hughes, Angela (2011) Transitions. [Show/Exhibition]

Johnston, Sandra (2011) Disclosures. [Show/Exhibition]

Land, Ellie (2011) Anu Kiro Nu? What are these happenings? [Show/Exhibition]

Lee, Rona (2011) One More Time. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2011) "China Through the Looking Glass (comprising two artefacts 'Fashion Chess' and 'National Dress')". [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2011) Fifties, fashion and emerging feminism (a contemporary response). [Show/Exhibition]

McCrea, Ronan (2011) Autodidact. [Show/Exhibition]

McDonnell, Sarah (2011) Style without Boundaries. [Show/Exhibition]

McIntyre, Keith (2011) Wee timorous beasties. [Show/Exhibition]

McIntyre, Keith (2011) The Withdrawing Room - Unfinished Business. [Show/Exhibition]

McKelvey, Kathryn (2011) Ante-Animate. [Show/Exhibition]

Munslow, Janine, McDonnell, Sarah, McGloughlin, Hilary and Raeside-Elliott, Fiona (2011) Up-Cycling. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Sullivan, Tom and Tatham, Joanne (2011) You, me, something else. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Sullivan, Tom and Tatham, Joanne (2011) The indirect exchange of uncertain value. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Sullivan, Tom and Tatham, Joanne (2011) The writing on your wall. [Show/Exhibition]

Pratt, Mike (2011) Good mourning bell. [Show/Exhibition]

Tilbury, Nancy (2011) The Body Laboratory. [Show/Exhibition]

Tsai, Charwei, Ong, Donna, Bowen, Sian, Derges, Susan and Cook, Christopher (2011) Dust on the Mirror [part 2]. [Show/Exhibition]

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