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Patacas, João, Dawood, Nashwan and Kassem, Mohamad (2020) BIM for facilities management: A framework and a common data environment using open standards. Automation in Construction, 120. p. 103366. ISSN 09265805

Hu, Zhen-Zhong, Yuan, Shuang, Benghi, Claudio, Zhang, Jian-Ping, Zhang, Xiao-Yang, Li, Ding and Kassem, Mohamad (2019) Geometric optimization of building information models in MEP projects: Algorithms and techniques for improving storage, transmission and display. Automation in Construction, 107. p. 102941. ISSN 0926-5805

Li, Jennifer, Greenwood, David and Kassem, Mohamad (2019) Blockchain in the built environment and construction industry: A systematic review, conceptual models and practical use cases. Automation in Construction, 102. pp. 288-307. ISSN 0926-5805

Ahmed, Ahmed Louay and Kassem, Mohamad (2018) A unified BIM adoption taxonomy: Conceptual development, empirical validation and application. Automation in Construction, 96. pp. 103-127. ISSN 0926-5805

Kassem, Mohamad (2017) Claims, Disputes and Litigation Involving BIM [Book review]. Construction Economics and Building, 17 (3). p. 124. ISSN 2204-9029

Kassem, Mohamad, Benomran, Leila and Teizer, Jochen (2017) Virtual environments for safety learning in construction and engineering: seeking evidence and identifying gaps for future research. Visualization in Engineering, 5 (1). p. 16. ISSN 2213-7459

Rodriguez-Trejo, Sergio, Ahmad, Ahmad Mohammad, Hafeez, Mian Atif, Dawood, Huda, Vukovic, Vladimir, Kassem, Mohamad, Naji, Khalid and Dawood, Nashwan (2017) Hierarchy based information requirements for sustainable operations of buildings in Qatar. Sustainable Cities and Society, 32. pp. 435-448. ISSN 2210-6707

Kassem, Mohamad and Succar, Bilal (2017) Macro BIM adoption: Comparative market analysis. Automation in Construction. ISSN 0926-5805

Patacas, João, Dawood, Nashwan, Greenwood, David and Kassem, Mohamad (2016) Supporting building owners and facility managers in the validation and visualisation of asset information models (AIM) through open standards and open technologies. Journal of Information Technology in Construction, 21. pp. 434-455. ISSN 1874-4753

Hu, Zhen-Zhong, Zhang, Xiao-Yang, Wang, Heng-Wei and Kassem, Mohamad (2016) Improving interoperability between architectural and structural design models: An industry foundation classes-based approach with web-based tools. Automation in Construction, 66. pp. 29-42. ISSN 0926-5805

Hafeez, Mian Atif, Ahmad, Mohammad, Chahrour, Racha, Vukovic, Vladimir, Dawood, Nashwan and Kassem, Mohamad (2016) Principles and recommendations for client information requirements for BIM enabled construction projects in Qatar. International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management, 9 (3). p. 198. ISSN 1743-5110

Succar, Bilal and Kassem, Mohamad (2015) Macro-BIM adoption: Conceptual structures. Automation in Construction, 57. pp. 64-79. ISSN 0926-5805

Kassem, Mohamad, Dawood, Nashwan and Chavada, Rajiv (2015) Construction workspace management within an Industry Foundation Class-Compliant 4D tool. Automation in Construction, 52. pp. 42-58. ISSN 0926-5805

Kassem, Mohamad, Kelly, Graham, Dawood, Nashwan, Serginson, Michael and Lockley, Steve (2015) BIM in facilities management applications: a case study of a large university complex. Built Environment Project and Asset Management, 5 (3). pp. 261-277. ISSN 2044-124X

Kassem, Mohamad, Iqbal, Nahim, Kelly, Graham, Lockley, Steve and Dawood, Nashwan (2014) Building information modelling: protocols for collaborative design processes. Journal of Information Technology in Construction (ITcon), 19. pp. 126-149. ISSN 1874-4753

Book Section

Watson, Richard, Kassem, Mohamad and Li, Jennifer (2019) A Framework for Product Recall in the Construction Industry. In: Advances in ICT in Design, Construction and Management in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO). Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 755-765. ISBN 9781861354877, 9781861354860

Jowett, Benjamin, Al Hattab, Malak and Kassem, Mohamad (2018) Demystifying Collaboration in BIM-Based Projects Under Design-Build Procurement. In: Contemporary Strategies and Approaches in 3-D Information Modeling. IGI Global, pp. 158-190. ISBN 9781522556251

Li, Jennifer, Greenwood, David and Kassem, Mohamad (2018) Blockchain in the built environment: analysing current applications and developing an emergent framework. In: Proceedings of the Creative Construction Conference 2018. Diamond Congress Ltd.

Hore, Alan, McAuley, Barry, West, Roger, Kassem, Mohamad and Kuang, Shiyao (2017) Ireland’s BIM Macro Adoption Study: Establishing Ireland’s BIM Maturity. In: CitA BIM Gathering Conference 2017. The Construction IT Alliance, pp. 32-40. ISBN 397809573957-2-6

Kassem, Mohamad, Iqbal, Nahim and Dawood, Nashwan (2013) A practice oriented BIM framework and workflows. In: Computing in Civil Engineering (2013). American Society of Civil Engineers, pp. 524-532. ISBN 978-0-7844-1302-9

Conference or Workshop Item

Watson, Richard, Kassem, Mohamad and Li, Jennifer (2019) Traceability for Built Assets: Proposed Framework for a Digital Record. In: Creative Construction Conference 2019, 29th June - 2nd July 2019, Budapest, Hungary.

Li, Jennifer, Greenwood, David and Kassem, Mohamad (2018) Blockchain in the construction sector: a socio-technical systems framework for the construction industry. In: 35th CIB W78 2018 Conference: IT in Design, Construction, and Management, 1st - 3rd October 2018, Chicago, IL, USA.

Kassem, Mohamad, Abd Raoff, Nur Liyana and Ouahrani, Djamel (2018) Identifying and Analyzing BIM Specialist Roles using a Competency-based Approach. In: Creative Construction Conference 2018, 30th June - 3rd July 2018, Ljublana, Slovenia.

Kassem, Mohamad, Dawood, Nashwan, Benghi, Claudio, Siddiqui, Mohsin and Mitchell, Donald (2010) Coordinaton and visualization of distributed schedules in the construction supply chain: A potential solution. In: CONVR 2010:10th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality 2010, 4-5 November 2010, Sendai, Japan.

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