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Ling, Wessie, Lorusso, Mariella and Segre Reinach, Simona (2019) Critical Studies in Global Fashion [Editorial]. Zone Moda Journal, 9 (2). V-VXI. ISSN 2283-7043

Ling, Wessie and Van Dartel, Daan (2019) Global Fashion as a Tool in the Ethnographic Museum. Zone Moda Journal, 9 (2). pp. 71-88. ISSN 2283-7043

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Guan, Congying, Qin, Sheng-feng, Ling, Wessie and Long, Yang (2018) Enhancing Apparel Data Based on Fashion Theory for Developing a Novel Apparel Style Recommendation System. In: Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 747 . Springer, pp. 31-40. ISBN 978-3-319-77699-6

Ling, Wessie (2018) A Bag of Remembrance: A Cultural Biography of Red-White-Blue, from Hong Kong to Louis Vuitton. In: European Fashion: The Creation of a Global Industry. Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 283-301. ISBN 9781526122100

Ling, Wessie (2017) Nationalism, Women and their China: What more the Chinese talk about when they talk about the qipao? In: TECHSTYLE Series 1.0: Ariadne’s Thread. Mill6 Foundation, Hong Kong, pp. 92-101. ISBN 9789881481849

Ling, Wessie (2016) Korea Vs Paris: There is no Fashion, Only Image or How to Make Fashion Identity. In: Cultures, Fashion and Society's Notebook 2016. Pearson Italia SpA, Milan-Turin, pp. 1-14. ISBN 9788867741731

Guan, Congying, Qin, Sheng-feng, Ling, Wessie and Ding, Guofu (2016) Apparel Recommendation System Evolution: An empirical review. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 28 (6). pp. 854-879. ISSN 0955-6222

Ling, Wessie (2016) Holy Chic, solo exhibition, Newcastle Upon Tyne: Saint Dominic's Priory, May - July 2016. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2015) Labels of Desire, WSL, WESSIELING in Wastelands, group exhibition, Oxford: Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency (OVADA), Jul - Aug 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2014) "WSL" Print and Installation by WESSIELING, solo exhibition, Hong Kong: Soho Gallery, June, 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2013) The Multiplicity of the Chinese Dress. In: Pasold Conference 2013: Sourcing the Archive: new approaches to materialising textile history, 7-8 November 2013 and 11 January 2014, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Ling, Wessie and Reinach, Simona Segre (2013) From manufacturing to the new luxury: the authenticity of Chinese fashion. In: 2nd International Non-Western Fashion Conference: Constructing National Identity Through Fashion, 21-22 November 2013, London.

Ling, Wessie (2013) Couriers of Taste. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2013) Fashionalisation: Urban space and the new-rise Fashion Week. In: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society (IACS) Conference, 3-5 July 2013, University of Singapore.

Ling, Wessie and Reinach, Simona Segre (2013) Multiple China: cosmopolitanism and identities in Chinese fashion. In: 8th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS), 24-27 June 2013, Macao.

Ling, Wessie (2013) Translating East Asian design for the global world. In: Translating and Writing Modern Design Histories in East Asia for the Global World, 27-28 June 2013, Yulin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

Ling, Wessie (2012) Trans/national production: the authenticity of Chinese fashion. In: Oriental Modernity: Design History in the East Asia 1920-1990, 14 July 2012, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

Ling, Wessie (2012) Sinopticon: contemporary chinoiserie in contemporary art. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2012) Space of production: Oriental Fashion Designers in Paris. In: Crossroads 2012, 2-6 July 2012, Sorborrne Nouvelle University, Paris.

Ling, Wessie and Ossman, Susan (2012) The Fabric of Fieldwork. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2012) From "Made in Hong Kong" to "Designed in Hong Kong": searching for an Identity in fashion. In: Hybrid Hong Kong. Routledge, London, pp. 153-170. ISBN 978-0415695541

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Ling, Wessie (2011) Keynote speech. In: Chinese Business Association networking reception and private gallery viewing, 1st December 2011, Tate Modern, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2011) Transnationality and hybridity of Chinese/ Hong Kong fashion. In: Design History Society Day Seminar, 25 November 2011, University of Brighton.

Ling, Wessie (2011) Fifties, fashion and emerging feminism (a contemporary response). [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie and Loscialpo, Flavia (2011) Fashioning the everyday: Flavia Loscialpo in conversation with WESSIELING. ADDRESS: Journal for Fashion Writing and Criticism, 1. pp. 96-101. ISSN 2044-9275

Ling, Wessie (2011) Hybridity, transnationalism and authenticity: the colloquial Hong Kong of G.O.D. In: Trans/National Clothing: Production and Consumption, 4 September 2011, Bath Spa University.

Ling, Wessie (2011) The unbearable lightness of sweatshop. In: Cargo: excavating the contemporary legacy of the transatlantic slave trade in Plymouth and Devon. Plymouth University Press, Plymouth, pp. 30-35. ISBN 978-1-84102-268-0

Ling, Wessie (2011) The Legacy of Chinese Robes in Contemporary Fashion in and Outside of China. In: Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City, 29 January 2011, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2011) "China Through the Looking Glass (comprising two artefacts 'Fashion Chess' and 'National Dress')". [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2011) Through the Looking Glass of the Chinese Dress: Chineseness and Authenticity. In: China through the looking glass, 28th January, 2011, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2010) Fashionalisation: Urban development and the new-rise Fashion Weeks. In: 2nd Global Conference: Fashion - Exploring Critical Issues 2, 23-26 September 2010, Oriel college, Oxford.

Ling, Wessie (2010) Chineseness and the Dilemma of Authenticity in Fashion. In: Crossroads 2010, 17-21 June 2010, Hong Kong.

Ling, Wessie (2010) From “Made in Hong Kong” to “Designed in Hong Kong”: searching for an identity in fashion. Visual Anthropology, 24 (1-2). pp. 106-123. ISSN 0894-9468

Ling, Wessie (2009) Harmony and Concealment: how Chinese women fashioned the Qipao in 1930s China. In: Material women, 1750-1950: consuming desires and collecting practices. Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 209-225. ISBN 978-0-7546-6539-7

Ling, Wessie (2009) Chinese Clothes for Chinese women: Fashioning the qipao in 1930s China. In: Fashion: Exploring critical issues 1st global conference, 25th-27th September 2009, Mansfield College, Oxford, UK.

Ling, Wessie and Huck, Christian (2008) Mapping Fashion, Cities, Identities and the World Fashion Conquest. Darkmatter. ISSN 2041-3254

Ling, Wessie (2008) The Uselessness of the Usefulness: Wuyong and Chinese fashion. In: Fashioning Postmodern/Postcolonial Bodies, 6th September 2008, University of Westminster, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2008) In motion with the Chinese dress. In: Creative China Now, September 2008, Turner Contemporary, Kent, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2008) The Fashion Week contest and its dialectics. In: The 6th International Conference of Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS), 24-28 October 2008, Osaka, Japan.

Ling, Wessie (2008) Fusionable Qipao: How the Qipao became a fusion? In: China Design Now, 15th March 2008- 13th July 2008, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2008) London and Fashion as Visual Arts Practice. In: The Measure. London College of Fashion, London, pp. 340-345. ISBN 978-1903455074

Ling, Wessie (2008) Surprisingly Western: When Chinese fashion goes to Paris. In: Creative China Conference, China Design Now, June 2008, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2008) Vers une nouvelle esthétique diasporique : espaces et modalités du travail des créateurs de mode étrangers à Paris. In: Paraître et apparences en Europe occidentale du Moyen Âge à nos jours. Histoire et civilisations, 1 . Presses Universitaires Sepetrion, Villeneuve-d'Ascq, pp. 331-346. ISBN 978-2859399962

Ling, Wessie (2007) Paris and the designers: processes of engagement of oriental designers in the fashion capital. In: 7th IFFTI Annual Conference 2005, 31 October - 5 November 2005, Tokyo, Japan.

Ling, Wessie (2007) The death of taste: A symposium on the future of fashion. In: The death of taste: A symposium on the future of fashion, 22nd June 2007, MAK, Vienna.

Ling, Wessie (2007) Fusionable Cheongsam. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2007) Fusionable Cheongsam. Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong. ISBN 9789627630685

Ling, Wessie (2007) Game On: The World Fashion Conquest. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2007) Chinese dress in the world of Suzie Wong. How the cheongsam became sexy, exotic, servile. Journal for the study of British cultures, 14 (2). pp. 139-149. ISSN 0944-9094

Ling, Wessie (2007) In Suzie Wong’s style: Investigating the Suzie Wong’s dress and the Chinese way of dress. In: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Conference, 2008, University of Shanghai.

Ling, Wessie and Cheung, Lisa (2007) Sweatshop. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2006) Towards a diasporic aesthetic: Modes of style of foreign fashion crèateurs in Paris. In: Paraître et Apparences en Europe occidentale du Moyen Âge à nos jours (Look and appearances in Western Europe from the Middle Ages to the present day), 21st-23rd September 2006, University of Lille, France.

Ling, Wessie (2006) Mapping Motifs: An exploratory journey through fashion, cities and identities. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2005) Paris and the designers – Processes of Engagement of Oriental Designers in the Fashion Capital. In: IFFTI 2005 Annual Conference, 31st October 2005 - 5th November 2005, Bunka College of Fashion, Toyko, Japan.

Ling, Wessie (2004) Paris - From fashion capital to marketing centre. In: Mediating fashion, mediating Paris, April 2004, Parsons School of Design, Paris & American University of Paris.

Ling, Wessie (2002) Cultural representation and communication in fashion: Pilot studies for contemporary fashion designers in Paris. In: 4th International Conference Crossroads in Cultural Studies, 29th June 2002- 2nd July 2002, Tampere, Finland.

Ling, Wessie and Taylor, Gail (2001) Fashion in Hong Kong: a dual product of globalisation and cultural phenomena. Journal of the Textile Institute, 92 (2). pp. 109-127. ISSN 0040-5000

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