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Ling, Wessie, Lorusso, Mariella and Segre Reinach, Simona (2019) Critical Studies in Global Fashion [Editorial]. Zone Moda Journal, 9 (2). V-VXI. ISSN 2283-7043

Ling, Wessie and Van Dartel, Daan (2019) Global Fashion as a Tool in the Ethnographic Museum. Zone Moda Journal, 9 (2). pp. 71-88. ISSN 2283-7043

Ling, Wessie and Segre-Reinach, Simona (2019) Fashion-Making and Co-Creation in the Transglobal Landscape: Sino-Italian Fashion as Method. Modern Italy, 24 (4). pp. 401-415. ISSN 1353-2944

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Ling, Wessie and Loscialpo, Flavia (2011) Fashioning the everyday: Flavia Loscialpo in conversation with WESSIELING. ADDRESS: Journal for Fashion Writing and Criticism, 1. pp. 96-101. ISSN 2044-9275

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Ling, Wessie and Taylor, Gail (2001) Fashion in Hong Kong: a dual product of globalisation and cultural phenomena. Journal of the Textile Institute, 92 (2). pp. 109-127. ISSN 0040-5000

Book Section

Ling, Wessie (2019) Apparel and Fashion Design in Hong Kong. In: Encyclopedia of East Asian Design. Bloomsbury, London ; New York, pp. 151-154. ISBN 9781350036475

Ling, Wessie (2019) Apparel and Fashion Design in Taiwan. In: Encyclopedia of East Asian Design. Bloomsbury, United Kingdom, pp. 522-525. ISBN 9781350036475

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Guan, Congying, Qin, Sheng-feng, Ling, Wessie and Long, Yang (2018) Enhancing Apparel Data Based on Fashion Theory for Developing a Novel Apparel Style Recommendation System. In: Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 747 . Springer, pp. 31-40. ISBN 978-3-319-77699-6

Ling, Wessie (2018) A Bag of Remembrance: A Cultural Biography of Red-White-Blue, from Hong Kong to Louis Vuitton. In: European Fashion: The Creation of a Global Industry. Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 283-301. ISBN 9781526122100

Ling, Wessie (2017) Nationalism, Women and their China: What more the Chinese talk about when they talk about the qipao? In: TECHSTYLE Series 1.0: Ariadne’s Thread. Mill6 Foundation, Hong Kong, pp. 92-101. ISBN 9789881481849

Ling, Wessie (2016) Korea Vs Paris: There is no Fashion, Only Image or How to Make Fashion Identity. In: Cultures, Fashion and Society's Notebook 2016. Pearson Italia SpA, Milan-Turin, pp. 1-14. ISBN 9788867741731

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Ling, Wessie (2009) Harmony and Concealment: how Chinese women fashioned the Qipao in 1930s China. In: Material women, 1750-1950: consuming desires and collecting practices. Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 209-225. ISBN 978-0-7546-6539-7

Ling, Wessie (2008) London and Fashion as Visual Arts Practice. In: The Measure. London College of Fashion, London, pp. 340-345. ISBN 978-1903455074

Ling, Wessie (2008) Vers une nouvelle esthétique diasporique : espaces et modalités du travail des créateurs de mode étrangers à Paris. In: Paraître et apparences en Europe occidentale du Moyen Âge à nos jours. Histoire et civilisations, 1 . Presses Universitaires Sepetrion, Villeneuve-d'Ascq, pp. 331-346. ISBN 978-2859399962

Conference or Workshop Item

Ling, Wessie (2013) The Multiplicity of the Chinese Dress. In: Pasold Conference 2013: Sourcing the Archive: new approaches to materialising textile history, 7-8 November 2013 and 11 January 2014, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Ling, Wessie and Reinach, Simona Segre (2013) From manufacturing to the new luxury: the authenticity of Chinese fashion. In: 2nd International Non-Western Fashion Conference: Constructing National Identity Through Fashion, 21-22 November 2013, London.

Ling, Wessie (2013) Fashionalisation: Urban space and the new-rise Fashion Week. In: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society (IACS) Conference, 3-5 July 2013, University of Singapore.

Ling, Wessie and Reinach, Simona Segre (2013) Multiple China: cosmopolitanism and identities in Chinese fashion. In: 8th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS), 24-27 June 2013, Macao.

Ling, Wessie (2013) Translating East Asian design for the global world. In: Translating and Writing Modern Design Histories in East Asia for the Global World, 27-28 June 2013, Yulin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

Ling, Wessie (2012) Trans/national production: the authenticity of Chinese fashion. In: Oriental Modernity: Design History in the East Asia 1920-1990, 14 July 2012, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

Ling, Wessie (2012) Space of production: Oriental Fashion Designers in Paris. In: Crossroads 2012, 2-6 July 2012, Sorborrne Nouvelle University, Paris.

Ling, Wessie (2011) Keynote speech. In: Chinese Business Association networking reception and private gallery viewing, 1st December 2011, Tate Modern, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2011) Transnationality and hybridity of Chinese/ Hong Kong fashion. In: Design History Society Day Seminar, 25 November 2011, University of Brighton.

Ling, Wessie (2011) Hybridity, transnationalism and authenticity: the colloquial Hong Kong of G.O.D. In: Trans/National Clothing: Production and Consumption, 4 September 2011, Bath Spa University.

Ling, Wessie (2011) The Legacy of Chinese Robes in Contemporary Fashion in and Outside of China. In: Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City, 29 January 2011, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2011) Through the Looking Glass of the Chinese Dress: Chineseness and Authenticity. In: China through the looking glass, 28th January, 2011, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2010) Fashionalisation: Urban development and the new-rise Fashion Weeks. In: 2nd Global Conference: Fashion - Exploring Critical Issues 2, 23-26 September 2010, Oriel college, Oxford.

Ling, Wessie (2010) Chineseness and the Dilemma of Authenticity in Fashion. In: Crossroads 2010, 17-21 June 2010, Hong Kong.

Ling, Wessie (2009) Chinese Clothes for Chinese women: Fashioning the qipao in 1930s China. In: Fashion: Exploring critical issues 1st global conference, 25th-27th September 2009, Mansfield College, Oxford, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2008) The Uselessness of the Usefulness: Wuyong and Chinese fashion. In: Fashioning Postmodern/Postcolonial Bodies, 6th September 2008, University of Westminster, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2008) In motion with the Chinese dress. In: Creative China Now, September 2008, Turner Contemporary, Kent, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2008) The Fashion Week contest and its dialectics. In: The 6th International Conference of Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS), 24-28 October 2008, Osaka, Japan.

Ling, Wessie (2008) Fusionable Qipao: How the Qipao became a fusion? In: China Design Now, 15th March 2008- 13th July 2008, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2008) Surprisingly Western: When Chinese fashion goes to Paris. In: Creative China Conference, China Design Now, June 2008, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Ling, Wessie (2007) Paris and the designers: processes of engagement of oriental designers in the fashion capital. In: 7th IFFTI Annual Conference 2005, 31 October - 5 November 2005, Tokyo, Japan.

Ling, Wessie (2007) The death of taste: A symposium on the future of fashion. In: The death of taste: A symposium on the future of fashion, 22nd June 2007, MAK, Vienna.

Ling, Wessie (2007) In Suzie Wong’s style: Investigating the Suzie Wong’s dress and the Chinese way of dress. In: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Conference, 2008, University of Shanghai.

Ling, Wessie (2006) Towards a diasporic aesthetic: Modes of style of foreign fashion crèateurs in Paris. In: Paraître et Apparences en Europe occidentale du Moyen Âge à nos jours (Look and appearances in Western Europe from the Middle Ages to the present day), 21st-23rd September 2006, University of Lille, France.

Ling, Wessie (2005) Paris and the designers – Processes of Engagement of Oriental Designers in the Fashion Capital. In: IFFTI 2005 Annual Conference, 31st October 2005 - 5th November 2005, Bunka College of Fashion, Toyko, Japan.

Ling, Wessie (2004) Paris - From fashion capital to marketing centre. In: Mediating fashion, mediating Paris, April 2004, Parsons School of Design, Paris & American University of Paris.

Ling, Wessie (2002) Cultural representation and communication in fashion: Pilot studies for contemporary fashion designers in Paris. In: 4th International Conference Crossroads in Cultural Studies, 29th June 2002- 2nd July 2002, Tampere, Finland.


Ling, Wessie (2007) Fusionable Cheongsam. Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong. ISBN 9789627630685


Ling, Wessie (2016) Holy Chic, solo exhibition, Newcastle Upon Tyne: Saint Dominic's Priory, May - July 2016. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2015) Labels of Desire, WSL, WESSIELING in Wastelands, group exhibition, Oxford: Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency (OVADA), Jul - Aug 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2014) "WSL" Print and Installation by WESSIELING, solo exhibition, Hong Kong: Soho Gallery, June, 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2013) Couriers of Taste. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2012) Sinopticon: contemporary chinoiserie in contemporary art. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie and Ossman, Susan (2012) The Fabric of Fieldwork. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2011) Fifties, fashion and emerging feminism (a contemporary response). [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2011) "China Through the Looking Glass (comprising two artefacts 'Fashion Chess' and 'National Dress')". [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2007) Fusionable Cheongsam. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2007) Game On: The World Fashion Conquest. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie and Cheung, Lisa (2007) Sweatshop. [Show/Exhibition]

Ling, Wessie (2006) Mapping Motifs: An exploratory journey through fashion, cities and identities. [Show/Exhibition]

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