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Anan, Nobuko (2014) The Rose of Versailles: Women and Revolution in Girls’ Manga and the Socialist Movement in Japan. The Journal Of Popular Culture, 47 (1). pp. 41-63. ISSN 1540-5931

Ashley, Susan (2014) ‘Engage the World’: examining conflicts of engagement in public museums. International Journal of Cultural Policy, 20 (3). pp. 261-280. ISSN 1028-6632

Ashley, Susan (2014) Re-telling, Re-cognition, Re-stitution: Sikh Heritagization in Canada. Cultura International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology, 11 (2). pp. 39-58. ISSN 1584-1057

Ashley, Susan (2014) A museum of our own. In: Museums and Migration: History, Memory and Politics. Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 153-163. ISBN 978-0-415-83875-7

Ashley, Susan and Khosravinik, Majid (2014) Cultural Value: Memorialisation as valuation - Examining public culture at the Chattri Indian Memorial, Brighton. Project Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Barlow, Paul (2014) The Ordering and Disordering of Work. Visual Culture in Britain, 15 (3). pp. 258-276. ISSN 1471-4787

Borland, Christine, Crisp, Fiona, Dorsett, Chris and Lee, Rona (2014) Extraordinary Renditions (Stockholm): The Cultural Negotiation of Science. In: Extraordinary Renditions (Stockholm): The Cultural Negotiation of Science, 4 November 2014, The Royal Institute of Art, Kungl Konsthögskolan.

Brayshaw, Teresa, Craddock, Kate and McCaw, Dick (2014) Training grounds editorial. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 5 (2). p. 216. ISSN 1944-3927

Butt, Gavin (2014) Welcome to the TV Party. In: Take It or Leave It: Institution, Image, Ideology. Prestel, pp. 216-221. ISBN 9783791353425

Butt, Gavin, Heathfield, Adrian and Keidan, Lois (2014) Performance Matters: Gavin Butt, Lois Keidan and Adrian Heathfield in Conversation. Contemporary Theatre Review, 24 (1). pp. 102-114. ISSN 1048-6801

Campbell, David, Durden, Mark and Brown, Ian (2014) PIGDOGANDMONKEYFESTOS. [Show/Exhibition]

Coburn, Ann, MacPherson, Fiona and Pavey, Liz (2014) Get Up and Tie Your Fingers (2014 tour). [Performance]

Crisp, Fiona, Danby, Charles, Hughes, Allan, Jackson, Mark, McCrea, Ronan, O'Sullivan, Tom and Tatham, Joanne (2014) Various pieces. [Show/Exhibition]

Cwiertnia, Elke (2014) Using analytical techniques for the study and authentication of works of art attributed to Francis bacon (1909-1992). Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Danby, Charles (2014) White Lies - Estelle Thompson. [Show/Exhibition]

Danby, Charles and Smith, Rob (2014) The Quarry. In: Revisiting the Quarry: Excavation, Legacy, Return. Approaches to the histories and sites of Land Art, 15 May 2014, Yorkshire Sculpture Park. (Unpublished)

Davidson, Ian (2014) Soil [Book review]. Cultural Geographies, 21 (3). pp. 533-534. ISSN 1474-4740

Domeneghetti, Roger (2014) From the back page to the front room: football’s journey through the English media. Ockley Books, Huddersfield. ISBN 9780957141056

Dorsett, Chris (2014) Commute-Converse 1: curated conversations on Northern Rail commuter trains. [Show/Exhibition]

Dorsett, Chris (2014) Museum stores, genetic junk, experimental art – conversations on a train. In: ASA14 Decennial: Anthropology and Enlightenment, 19-22 June 2014, University of Edinburgh.

Dorsett, Chris (2014) Negotiating the Icebox: cold collections, dark museums and contemporary art. In: Art Out of Time, 26-27 June, 2014, Institute of Visual Research, University of Oxford..

Fay, Brian (2014) States of transience in drawing practices and the conservation of muserum artworks. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Fusco, Maria (2014) Glasgow International 2014. Frieze (164). ISSN 0962-0672

Fusco, Maria (2014) How Imagination Remembers. The White Review.

Fusco, Maria (2014) Punctum: Reflections on Photography. [Show/Exhibition]

Fusco, Maria (2014) Three Stories. 2HB, 19.

Fusco, Maria (2014) machine oil smells sweet. Vestoj: The Journal of Sartorial Matters (5). pp. 225-226. ISSN 2000-4036

Gee, Malcolm (2014) The Rise of the Modern Art Market in London, 1850–1939, Fletcher, Pamela & Helmreich, Anne (eds) [Book review]. Visual Culture in Britain, 15 (1). pp. 126-128. ISSN 1471-4787

Horne, Victoria (2014) Institutional Dissonance: Tate, BP and Socialist-Feminist History. Radical Philosophy (186). pp. 64-68. ISSN 0300-211X

Hudson, Martyn (2014) Enclavisation and Identity in Refugee Youth Work. Youth and Policy, 112. pp. 44-55. ISSN 0262-9798

Hudson, Martyn (2014) What, am I hearing light: Listening through Jean-Luc Nancy. HZ Journal, 19. p. 1.

Hughes, Allan (2014) MAP Screen | READING IN THE DARK. MAP,

Hughes, Allan (2014) The Pyramids of Mars [W I L D S C A P E S]. [Artefact]

Hughes, Angela (2014) Royal Academy Alumni Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Hughes, Dean (2014) Calico Shaped works. [Artefact]

Hughes, Dean (2014) Dwelling as an approach to creative pedagogy. Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education, 13 (1). pp. 73-87. ISSN 1474-273X

Hughes, Dean (2014) Ideas in things. [Show/Exhibition]

Hughes, Dean (2014) Making knots. [Show/Exhibition]

Jackson, Mark (2014) Alternative 13: Of Doughnut Forms and Meat Patty Forms. IMT Press.

Jackson, Mark (2014) Alternative 23. [Show/Exhibition]

Jackson, Mark (2014) This is a game called ‘Hello, hello, here is X.X.’. [Artefact]

Jackson, Mark, Friend, Lindsay, Kjær Skau, Lotte Rose and Burrows, David (2014) IMT Gallery at Manchester Contemporary 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

Jarvis, Mike (2014) Finding a space for art. International Journal of Education Through Art, 10 (1). pp. 85-98. ISSN 17435234

Johnston, Sandra (2014) Interakcje 2014 – International Art Festival, Spaces of Dispute/Spaces of Negotiation. [Show/Exhibition]

Johnston, Sandra (2014) Neglect to Silence. [Show/Exhibition]

Johnston, Sandra, Borland, Christine and Arnfield, Jane (2014) BxNU Symposium: Cloudscape Responding to the theme of memory in the work of Lorna Simpson. [Show/Exhibition]

Kozlowska, Agnieszka (2014) Taking Photographs Beyond the Visual: Paper as a Material Signifier in Photographic Indexicality. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Kramer, Elizabeth (2014) Japonisme and British Women’s Art Embroidery for the Victorian Interior, 1870-1900. In: Japonisme in Design - Its Formation of the Idea and Execution in the Occident, January 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

Lee, Rona (2014) Live Art Development Agency Study Room Guide: Live Art and Feminism Map. [Artefact]

Lee, Rona (2014) Power of the Sea. [Show/Exhibition]

Lee, Rona (2014) Truthing Gap – Imagining a Relational Geography of the Sub-maritime. In: Emerging Landscapes Between Production and Representation. Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 67-74. ISBN 978-1409467052

Lee, Rona (2014) Wet Geographies III - Water-worlds: art practices and wet ecologies. In: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2015, 1 - 4 September 2015, Exeter. (Unpublished)

Lee, Rona (2014) The encircling of a shadow - coastal geographies of loss and return, physical and social transition. In: 12th Symposium Waddenacademie: Sense of Place, 11-12 June 2014, Terschelling, Holland.

Leggott, James (2014) “It's not clever, it's not funny, and it's not period!”: Costume Comedy and British Television. In: Upstairs and Downstairs: British Costume Drama Television from The Forstye Saga to Downton Abbey. Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, pp. 37-52. ISBN 9781442244825

Lewis, Simon John (2014) What Is Spectacle? Journal of Popular Film and Television, 42 (4). pp. 214-221. ISSN 0195-6051

Ling, Wessie (2014) "WSL" Print and Installation by WESSIELING, solo exhibition, Hong Kong: Soho Gallery, June, 2014. [Show/Exhibition]

McLaughlin, Noel (2014) Another Green World?: Eno, Ireland and U2. Popular Music History, 9 (2). pp. 173-194. ISSN 1740-7133

McLaughlin, Noel (2014) Post-Punk Industrial Cyber Opera: The Ambivalent and Disruptive Hybridity of Early 1990s' U2. In: Music and Identity in Ireland and Beyond. Ashgate, Farnham. ISBN 978-1472409669

Mulholland, Richard (2014) ‘And I know damned-well what he wanted!’ Deliberate Alteration and Interpretations of Intent in Several Late Sculptures by David Smith. Archetype Books, London. ISBN 9781904982999

Pearlman, Lazlo (2014) Arts and Culture. In: Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199325351

Phillips, Andrea (2014) How to work together. [Show/Exhibition]

Potter, Matthew (2014) Breaking the shell of the humanist egg: Kenneth Clark’s University of London lectures on German art historians. Journal of Art Historiography, 11. pp. 1-34. ISSN 2042 4752

Potter, Matthew (2014) Fostering in the people the purest types of beauty: Ford Madox Brown and democratic art education. Visual Culture in Britain, 15 (3). pp. 313-333. ISSN 1941 8361

Prebble, Lucy, Calvert, Mark, Roxburgh, Emma, Ryder, Anna and Pavey, Liz (2014) Enron. [Performance]

Rahman, Sabrina (2014) Happiness and Housing in 1940s Bilston. Art & Heritage. pp. 22-23.

Reed, Ginny (2014) Error_Graceful_Disconnect. [Show/Exhibition]

Richardson, Andrew, Collier, Mike and Cowdon, Jeff (2014) Walking Poets: Wordsworth and Basho. [Show/Exhibition]

Richardson, Craig (2014) England ‘Ghosts’: British Art – a frieze. The Drouth, 50. pp. 50-67.

Roy, Elodie (2014) All the Memory in the World, All the Music in the World: Mediating Musical Patrimony in the Digital Age. Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network, 7 (2). pp. 20-33. ISSN 1755-9944

Roy, Elodie (2014) Displacing the Past. Mediated Nostalgia and Recorded Sound. Volume !, 11 (1). pp. 145-158. ISSN 2117-4148

Sandra, Johnston (2014) (Still) Pending. [Show/Exhibition]

Sexton, Jamie (2014) Excavating Authenticity: Surveying the Indie Rock-Doc. In: Music and Sound in Documentary Film. Routledge Music and Screen Media Series . Routledge, London, pp. 151-165. ISBN 9780415728614

Sexton, Jamie (2014) From bad to good and back to bad again? Cult Cinema and its unstable trajectory. In: B for Bad Cinema: aesthetics, politics and cultural value. SUNY Press, Detroit, USA. ISBN 978-1-4384-4995-1

Stenbom, Cecilia (2014) In Waiting. [Artefact]

Stenbom, Cecilia (2014) The List. [Show/Exhibition]

Stenbom, Cecilia (2014) SYSTEM. [Artefact]

Stockwell, Richard (2014) Continuum [2nd Ed.]. [Performance]

Stokoe, Brian (2014) Class tourism and photography: The typological portraits of EO Hoppe and J.D. Beresford. In: Royal Anthropological Institute Conference: Anthropology and Photography 2014, 29-31 May 2014, The British Museum. (Unpublished)

Stokoe, Brian (2014) The Exemplary Career of EO Hoppé: Photography, Modernism and Modernity. History of Photography, 38 (1). pp. 73-93. ISSN 0308-7298

Tatham, Joanne and O'Sullivan, Tom (2014) Are you LOCATIONALIZED. [Show/Exhibition]

Tatham, Joanne and O'Sullivan, Tom (2014) DOES THE IT STICK. [Show/Exhibition]

Tatham, Joanne and O'Sullivan, Tom (2014) Is your tesserae really necessary? [Show/Exhibition]

Tatham, Joanne and O'Sullivan, Tom (2014) Shall we name it our shame or is our shame the same as it. [Show/Exhibition]

Taylor, Linda (2014) ‘There are more of you than there are of us’: Forced Entertainment and the Critique of the Neoliberal Subject. In: Žižek and Performance. Performance Philosophy . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 126-141. ISBN 9781137410900, 9781349489138, 9781137403193

Thomas, Judy (2014) Why make a case for the artist facilitator? Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Toomey, Anne and Kapsali, Veronika (2014) D-STEM: a Design led approach to STEM innovation. In: A Matter of Design: Making Society through Science and Technology Proceedings of the 5th STS Italia Conference. STS Italia Publishing, Milan, pp. 425-438. ISBN 9789078146056

Ward, Brian (2014) Forum: What's New in Southern Studies – And Why Should We Care? Journal of American Studies, 48 (03). pp. 691-693. ISSN 0021-8758

Ward, Brian (2014) Grand Theories and Granular Practices: The South and American Studies. Journal of American Studies, 48 (03). pp. 723-733. ISSN 0021-8758

Wilson, Mike, Salt, Karen, Briggs, Jo, Bath, Peter, Lawson, Shaun and Walker, Aisha (2014) Emoticon: Empathy and Trust in Online Communications. In: Empathy: Imagining the world from the perspective of another or others, 7th-10th Nov 2014, Prague.

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