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Akram, Umair, Ellis, Jason, Cau, Glhenda, Hershaw, Frayer, Rajenthran, Ashlieen, Lowe, Mollie, Trommelen, Carissa and Drabble, Jennifer (2021) Eye tracking and attentional bias for depressive internet memes in depression. Experimental Brain Research, 239 (2). pp. 575-581. ISSN 0014-4819

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Cookson, Darel, Jolley, Daniel, Dempsey, Robert and Povey, Rachel (2021) “If they believe, then so shall I”: Perceived beliefs of the in-group predict conspiracy theory belief. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. ISSN 1368-4302 (In Press)

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Ellis, Jason, Perlis, Michael L., Espie, Colin A., Grandner, Michael A., Bastien, Célyne H., Barclay, Nicola L., Altena, Ellemarije and Gardani, Maria (2021) The Natural History of Insomnia: Predisposing, precipitating, coping and perpetuating factors over the early developmental course of insomnia. Sleep. zsab095. ISSN 0161-8105 (In Press)


Finister, Calum, Pollet, Thomas and Neave, Nick (2021) An exploratory factor analysis of the Nerdy Personality Attributes Scale in a sample of self-identified nerds/geeks. The Social Science Journal. ISSN 0362-3319 (In Press)


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Gula, Bartosz, Vaci, Nemanja, Alexandrowicz, Rainer W. and Bilalić, Merim (2021) Never Too Much—The Benefit of Talent to Team Performance in the National Basketball Association: Comment on Swaab, Schaerer, Anicich, Ronay, and Galinsky (2014). Psychological Science, 32 (2). pp. 301-304. ISSN 0956-7976


Jackson, Philippa, Forster, Joanne, Khan, Julie, Pouchieu, Camille, Dubreuil, Séverine, Gaudout, David, Moras, Benjamin, Pourtau, Line, Joffre, Florent, Vaysse, Carole, Bertrand, Karène, Abrous, Hélène, Vauzour, David, Brossaud, Julie, Corcuff, Jean Benoit, Capuron, Lucile and Kennedy, David (2021) Effects of Saffron Extract Supplementation on Mood, Well-Being, and Response to a Psychosocial Stressor in Healthy Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel Group, Clinical Trial. Frontiers in Nutrition, 7. p. 606124. ISSN 2296-861X

Jolley, Daniel, Douglas, Karen M. and Skipper, Yvonne (2021) Conspiracy theories start to take hold at age 14, study suggests. The Conversation Trust.

Jolley, Daniel, Douglas, Karen M., Skipper, Yvonne, Thomas, Eleanor and Cookson, Darel (2021) Measuring adolescents’ beliefs in conspiracy theories: Development and validation of the Adolescent Conspiracy Beliefs Questionnaire (ACBQ). British Journal of Developmental Psychology. ISSN 0261-510X (In Press)


Knoll, Michael, Götz, Martin, Adriasola, Elisa, Al‐Atwi, Amer Ali, Arenas, Alicia, Atitsogbe, Kokou A., Barrett, Stephen, Bhattacharjee, Anindo, Blanco C., Norman D., Bogilović, Sabina, Bollmann, Grégoire, Bosak, Janine, Bulut, Cagri, Carter, Madeline, Cerne, Matej, Chui, Susanna L. M., Di Marco, Donatella, Duden, Gesa, Elsey, Vicki, Fujimura, Makoto, Gatti, Paola, Ghislieri, Chiara, Giessner, Steffen R., Hino, Kenta, Hofmans, Joeri, Jønsson, Thomas S., Kazimna, Pazambadi, Lowe, Kevin B., Malagon, Juliana, Mohebbi, Hassan, Montgomery, Anthony, Monzani, Lucas, Pieterse, Anne Nederveen, Ngoma, Muhammed, Ozeren, Emir, O'Shea, Deirdre, Ottsen, Christina Lundsgaard, Pickett, Jennifer, Rangkuti, Anna A., Retowski, Sylwiusz, Sattari Ardabili, Farzad, Shaukat, Razia, Silva, Silvia A., Šimunić, Ana, Steffens, Niklas K., Sultanova, Faniya, Szücs, Daria, Tavares, Susana M., Tipandjan, Arun, Dick, Rolf, Vasiljevic, Dimitri, Wong, Sut I. and Zacher, Hannes (2021) International Differences in Employee Silence Motives: Scale Validation, Prevalence, and Relationships with Culture Characteristics across 33 Countries. Journal of Organizational Behavior. ISSN 0894-3796 (In Press)


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McKenzie, Karen, Murray, Aja, Murray, George, Maguire, Amy, Eisner, Manuel and Ribeaud, Denis (2021) Validation of the English language version of the Violent Ideations Scale (VIS). Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 36 (5-6). pp. 2942-2952. ISSN 0886-2605

McKenzie, Karen, Murray, George and Martin, Rachel (2021) ‘It's been adapted rather than impacted’: A qualitative evaluation of the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the Positive Behavioural Support of people with an intellectual disability and/or Autism. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities. ISSN 1360-2322 (In Press)

McPhee, Anna Michelle, Constable, Merryn, Saccone, Elizabeth J. and Welsh, Timothy N. (2021) The influence of location, ownership, and the presence of a coactor on the processing of objects. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology. ISSN 1196-1961 (In Press)

Mckenzie, Karen, Armitage, Bethan, Murray, George and James, Ian (2021) The use of therapeutic untruths by staff supporting people with an intellectual disability who display behaviours that challenge. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 34 (1). pp. 28-35. ISSN 1360-2322

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Murray, Aja Louise, Eisner, Manuel, Ribeaud, Denis, Kaiser, Daniela, McKenzie, Karen and Murray, George (2021) Validation of a brief self-report measure of adolescent bullying perpetration and victimisation: the Zurich Brief Bullying Scales (ZBBS). Assessment, 28 (1). pp. 128-140. ISSN 1073-1911

Murray, Aja Louise, Speyer, Lydia, Eisner, M, Ribeaud, Denis, Obsuth, Ingrid, Murray, George and McKenzie, Karen (2021) Developmental Cascades from Aggression to Internalizing Problems Via Peer and Teacher Relationships from Early to Middle Adolescence. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. ISSN 0047-2891 (In Press)

Murray, George, McKenzie, Karen, Martin, Rachel and Murray, Aja (2021) The impact of Covid-19 restrictions in the United Kingdom on the Positive Behavioural Support of people with an intellectual disability. British Journal of Learning Disabilities. ISSN 1354-4187 (In Press)

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Ong, Sharog, Bondonno, Nicola P., Downey, Luke A., Scholey, Andrew, Smith, Michael, Stough, Con, Blekkenhorst, Lauren C., Woodman, Richard, Croft, Kevin D., Hodgson, Jonathan M. and Bondonno, Catherine P. (2021) Effects of chewing gum on nitric oxide metabolism, markers of cardiovascular health and neurocognitive performance after a nitrate-rich meal. Journal of the American College of Nutrition. ISSN 0731-5724 (In Press)


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Patan, Michael, Kennedy, David, Husberg, Cathrine, Hustvedt, Svein Olaf, Calder, Philip C., Middleton, Benita, Khan, Julie, Forster, Joanne and Jackson, Philippa (2021) Differential Effects of DHA- and EPA-Rich Oils on Sleep in Healthy Young Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Nutrients, 13 (1). p. 248. ISSN 2072-6643


Ritchie, Karen, Carriere, Isabelle, Gregory, Sarah, Watermeyer, Tamlyn, Danso, Samuel, Su, Li, Ritchie, Craig and O'Brien, John (2021) Trauma and depressive symptomatology in middle-aged persons at high risk of dementia: the PREVENT Dementia Study. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 92 (1). pp. 16-21. ISSN 0022-3050

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Wilson, Gemma, Gates, Jessica and Vijaykumar, Santosh (2021) Understanding older adults’ use of social technology and the factors influencing use. Ageing & Society. ISSN 0144-686X (In Press)

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