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Alfreds, Mike and Arnfield, Jane (2018) Year of Wonders. [Show/Exhibition]

Anan, Nobuko (2012) Identity Politics in Women's Performance in Japan. Theatre Research International, 37 (01). pp. 68-70. ISSN 0307-8833

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Anan, Nobuko and Chang, Franklin (2012) Can Eros Be the Basis for Resistance? (Erosu wa teiko no kyoten to nariuru ka). [Performance] (Unpublished)

Andrews, Stuart and Duggan, Patrick (2021) Towards ‘strategy as performance’ in hazard mitigation: reflections on Performing City Resilience in New Orleans. Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, 26 (1). pp. 187-201. ISSN 1356-9783

Arnfield, Jane (2008) The Gymnast. [Performance]

Arnfield, Jane (2011) Nixon Can Dance. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Arnfield, Jane (2009) Tent. [Performance]

Arnfield, Jane (2012) The Tin Ring - A work in progress. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Arnfield, Jane (2011) The Tin Ring. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Arnfield, Jane (2016) The Tin Ring. [Performance]

Arnfield, Jane (2018) The Trial of Faith. [Show/Exhibition]


Baker-Alder, Helen (2009) Performance Now and Then. [Show/Exhibition]

Baxter, Katherine (2009) Comedy and Romance: A New Look at Shakespeare and Conrad. In: Joseph Conrad and the Performing Arts. Ashgate Publishing, Farnham, pp. 111-125. ISBN 978-0754664901

Baxter, Katherine and Hand, Richard (2009) Joseph Conrad and the Performing Arts. Ashgate Publishing, Farnham. ISBN 9780754664901

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Butt, Gavin, Heathfield, Adrian and Keidan, Lois (2014) Performance Matters: Gavin Butt, Lois Keidan and Adrian Heathfield in Conversation. Contemporary Theatre Review, 24 (1). pp. 102-114. ISSN 1048-6801


Chambers, Steve (2012) Derailed omnibus. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve (2010) Hysteria. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve (2009) My Dark Places. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve (2009) Robinson Crusoe. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve (2007) Scandinavian dreams. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve (2007) To make the people smile again. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve (2003) The ice factory. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve (2005) The recall man: Best forgotten. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve and Nodding, Phil (2009) HighLites. [Broadcast]

Chambers, Steve and Nodding, Phil (2012) HighLites: Retouched. [Broadcast]

Coburn, Ann and MacPherson, Fiona (2005) Get Up and Tie Your Fingers (2005 tour). [Performance]

Coburn, Ann, MacPherson, Fiona and Pavey, Liz (2014) Get Up and Tie Your Fingers (2014 tour). [Performance]

Craddock, Kate (2010) BLINK! [Performance]

Craddock, Kate (2009) By Your Side. [Show/Exhibition]

Craddock, Kate (2008) Contamination. [Show/Exhibition]

Craddock, Kate (2011) A Gift for Djakovo. [Performance]

Craddock, Kate (2012) 'Presents' at GIFT. Gateshead International Festival of Theatre.

Craddock, Kate (2008) A River Runs Through Us. [Show/Exhibition]

Craddock, Kate (2009) TRIO. [Show/Exhibition]

Craddock, Kate (2008) Under the Stairs. [Show/Exhibition]

Craddock, Kate (2010) Virtual Jukebox. [Performance]

Craddock, Kate and Brayshaw, Teresa (2011) The Cradshaw Encounter. [Performance]

Craddock, Kate and Gilroy, Steve (2013) The GB Project. [Performance]

Craddock, Kate and Gilroy, Steve (2008) Hand Me Down. [Performance]

Craddock, Kate, McCaw, Dick, Mitra, Royona and Wilson, Thomas (2015) Training Grounds Editorial. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 6 (3). pp. 353-354. ISSN 1944-3927

Crawshaw, Julie (2016) Getting to know the island: Artistic experiments in rural community development. Journal of Rural Studies, 43. pp. 134-144. ISSN 0743-0167

Crawshaw, Julie (2018) Island Making: Planning artistic collaboration. Landscape Research, 43 (2). pp. 211-221. ISSN 0142-6397

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Cull, Laura (2009) How do you make yourself a theatre without organs? Deleuze, Artaud and the concept of differential presence. Theatre Research International, 34 (3). pp. 243-255. ISSN 0307-8833

Cull, Laura (2012) Performance as Philosophy: Responding to the Problem of ‘Application’. Theatre Research International, 37 (1). pp. 20-27. ISSN 0307-8833

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Cull, Laura and Gritzner, Karoline (2011) Editorial. Performance Research, 16 (4). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1352-8165


Darling, Julia and MacPherson, Fiona (1988) Growing Pains. [Performance]

Darling, Julia and MacPherson, Fiona (1991) Victory Harvest. [Performance]

Dillon, Peter and MacPherson, Fiona (2013) GUTS. [Performance]

Duffy, Jenny (2017) Making theatre as an emerging company: Exposing trends, tactics, strategies and constraints. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.

Duggan, Patrick (2020) Trauma and Drama/Theatre/Performance. In: The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma. Routledge Literature Companions . Routledge, New York ; London. ISBN 9781138494923, 9781351025225


Eyres, Erica (2018) Deadpan Comedy and Personal Narratives in Contemporary Art. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.


Fusco, Maria (2012) Gonda (screenplay). Film London.

Fusco, Maria (2015) Master Rock (BBC radio broadcast). [Broadcast]

Fusco, Maria (2016) Notes on Comic Face. If A Leave Falls Press.

Fusco, Maria (2013) Populating her Sparseness: On Writing Gonda. In: But We Loved Her. Verlag für moderne Kunst. ISBN 9783869844794

Fusco, Maria (2018) VOICE OBJECT VOICE. [Broadcast]


Gee, Emma and Hargrave, Matt (2011) A proper actor? The politics of training for learning disabled actors. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 2 (1). pp. 34-53. ISSN 1944-3927

Gilroy, Steve (2010) The Durham Mystery Plays (Lazarus). [Performance] (Unpublished)

Gilroy, Steve (2017) Each Piece. [Performance]

Gilroy, Steve (2010) Facts on the Ground. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Gilroy, Steve (2015) In the Middle of the West/The Oklahoma Bombing Project. [Performance]

Gilroy, Steve (2008) Me and Cilla. [Show/Exhibition]

Gilroy, Steve (2009) Motherland. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Gilroy, Steve (2010) Motherland. Oberon Books, London. ISBN 9781840029482

Gilroy, Steve (2010) Reality. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Gilroy, Steve (2013) States of Descent. [Performance]

Gilroy, Steve and Sellar, Paul (2012) Green Cabaret. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Gilroy, Steve and Stockwell, Richard (2012) The Prize. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Gilroy, Steve and Stockwell, Richard (2012) The prize. Oberon Books, London. ISBN 9781849434393

Godfrey, Sarah and Walker, Johnny (2015) From Pinter to Pimp: Danny Dyer, Class, Cultism and the Critics. Journal of British Cinema and Television, 12 (1). pp. 101-120. ISSN 1743-4521

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Hargrave, Matt (2017) Dance with a Stranger: Torque Show’s Intimacy (2014) and the Experience of Vulnerability in Performance and Spectatorship. In: Risk, Participation, and Performance Practice: Critical Vulnerabilities in a Precarious World. Springer, pp. 113-130. ISBN 9783319632414

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Hepplewhite, Kay (2022) Curious About Theatre: Finding the human connection in a digital learning project collaboration with Curious Monkey Theatre Company for applied theatre university students. Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, 27 (2). pp. 253-269. ISSN 1356-9783

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Kemp, Sarah Caroline (2022) Pushing the boundaries: an exploration of the impact of actor training, based on the practices of Philippe Gaulier and Monika Pagneux, on the creativity, health and wellbeing of older people. Doctoral thesis, Northumbria University.


Lawson, Jenny (2012) Especially For You. [Performance]

Leggott, James (2017) Fair do’s: Tom Hadaway and the regional voice in 1970s British television. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, 37 (4). pp. 683-702. ISSN 0143-9685

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MacPherson, Fiona (2012) The Awkward Squad. [Performance]

MacPherson, Fiona (2015) The Awkward Squad: Is there a place for the feminist play in contemporary mainstream popular theatre? In: Congruence and Contestation: Contemporary Feminism and Performance, 4th September 2015, London, UK.

MacPherson, Fiona (2010) Durham Mysteries: Cain and Abel. [Performance]

MacPherson, Fiona (2008) A Twist of Lemon. [Performance]

Mahoney, Cat (2015) “Not Bad for a Few Ordinary Girls in a Tin Hut” – Re-Imagining Women’s Social Experience of the Second World War Through Female Ensemble Drama. Frames Cinema Journal (7). ISSN 2053-8812

Maria, Fusco (2018) ECZEMA! [Show/Exhibition]

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McHugh, Catrina and MacPherson, Fiona (1999) After Her Death. [Performance]

McHugh, Catrina and MacPherson, Fiona (2004) Stand 'n' Tan. [Performance]

McHugh, Catrina and MacPherson, Fiona (2007) Tonic. [Performance]

McHugh, Catrina, Mace, Kathryn and MacPherson, Fiona (2001) Falling Knives and Runaround Wives. [Performance]

McIntyre, Keith (2010) Raspberry. [Performance]

McIntyre, Keith (2007) The Unconquered. [Performance]

McIntyre, Keith and Wimhurst, Karen (2009) Darwin's barnacle. [Performance] (Unpublished)

McLaughlin, Noel (2009) Rock, fashion and performativity. In: The Men's fashion reader. Berg Publishers, London. ISBN 978-1845207878

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