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Arnfield, Jane (2008) The Gymnast. [Performance]

Arnfield, Jane (2011) Nixon Can Dance. [Performance] (Unpublished)

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Baker-Alder, Helen (2011) Working Against the System. [Show/Exhibition]

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Borland, Christine (2008) Genesis - The Art of Creation. [Show/Exhibition]

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Bowen, Sian (2010) Dust in the mirror. [Show/Exhibition]

Bowen, Sian (2008) Of dust: no. 9. [Artefact]

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Burrows, David, Marzeta, Alex, Page, Vanessa, Jackson, Mark and Motsonian, (2016) Bit Coin Fairy, Fairy Fairy Bit Coin (Where is your coin? Where is your head?). [Show/Exhibition]

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Craddock, Kate (2010) Virtual Jukebox. [Performance]

Craddock, Kate (2011) Wish you were here. [Performance]

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