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Abbott, Benjamin, Jones, Jeremy, Schuur, Edward, Chapin III, F. Stuart, Bowden, William, Bret - Harte, Marion, Epstein, Howard, Flannigan, Mike, Harms, Tamara, Hollingworth, Teresa, Mack, Michelle, McGuire, A., Natali, Susan, Rocha, Adrian, Tank, Suzanne, Turetsky, Merritt, Vonk, Jorien, Wickland, Kimberly, Aiken, George, Alexander, Heather, Amon, Rainer, Benscoter, Brian, Bergeron, Yves, Bishop, Kevin, Blarquez, Olivier, Bond - Lamberty, Ben, Breen, Amy, Buffam, Ishi, Cai, Yihua, Carcaillat, Christopher, Carey, Sean, Chen, Jing, Chen, Han, Christensen, Torben, Cooper, Lee, Cornelissen, J., de Groot, William, DeLuca, Thomas, Dorrepaal, Ellen, Fetcher, Ned, Finlay, Jaques, Forbes, Bruce, French, Nancy, Gauthier, Sylvie, Girardin, Martin, Goetz, Scott, Goldammer, Johann, Gough, Laura, Grogan, Paul, Guo, Laodong, Higuera, Philip, Hinzman, Larry, Hu, Feng Sheng, Hugelius, Gustaf, Jafarov, Elchin, Jandt, Randi, Johnstone, Jill, Karlsson, Jan, Kasischke, Eric, Kattner, Gerhard, Kelly, Ryan, Keuper, Frida, Kling, George, Kortelainen, Pirkko, Kouki, Jari, Kuhry, Peter, Laudon, Hjalmar, Laurion, Isabelle, Macdonald, Robie, Mann, Paul, Martikainen, Pertti, McClelland, James, Molau, Ulf, Oberbauer, Steven, Olefeldt, David, Pare, David, Parisien, Marc-Andre, Payette, Serge, Peng, Changhui, Pokrovsky, Oleg, Rastetter, Edward, Raymond, Peter, Raynolds, Martha, Rein, Guillermo, Reynolds, James, Robards, Martin, Rogers, Brendan, Schädel, Christina, Schaefer, Kevin, Schmidt, Inger, Shvidenko, Anatoly, Sky, Jasper, Spencer, Robert, Starr, Gregory, Striegl, Robert, Teisserenc, Roman, Tranvik, Lars, Viranen, Tarmo and Welker, Jeffrey (2016) Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire: an expert assessment. Environmental Research Letters, 11 (3). 034014. ISSN 1748-9326

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